Welcome Fall

welcome fall

It seemed like a normal summer morning, just like any other. My beautiful summer had been filled with mornings kissing the sweet cheeks of my new son and days tickling the chubby feet of my little princess. My summer newborn limited the season’s activities. Instead of sunbathing I was relaxing and recovering and nursing and cleaning and figuring out what it meant to suddenly be a mom of two. Many a Saturday morning was spent roaming garage sales and furnishing my newly finished house. I missed going on vacation or spending days at the pool, soaking up the rays. I wanted this summer to roll on indefinitely.

But then this morning came and I walked out onto the back deck, unassuming and it hit me. Fall is here.

My senses were overwhelmed. I could smell it in the crisp scent of decaying leaves. I could feel it as I closed my eyes and the breeze brushed across my face with a slight hint of chill. I could see it in the leaves that were slowly turning my yard red and yellow. And just like that I was done with summer.

All it took was a few minutes in the fresh fall air to remember why autumn is and will always be my favorite season. It’s getting to spend time outside without turning into a puddle of sweat. It’s the new colors that appear in nature right when you seem to have forgotten that the world could be anything but green. It’s the smell of pumpkin and cinnamon and baked goods that make your home feel the coziest. It’s that desire to cuddle and read all day. It’s coming inside smelling like smoke after spending an evening basking in the glow of a campfire. It’s the satisfying crunch of stepping on leaves. It’s the chance to redecorate your home in celebration of the new season and pull out the boxes of fall clothes that you forgot you had.

all my senses for fall

Amazingly, this feeling makes me nostalgic for the start of school. I always loved back to school shopping for a new fall wardrobe to show off to my friends and a plethora of office supplies. I know school has been in session for a month or so but it’s only now that I almost wish I could go back. Maybe it’s time to take a trip to the store and stock up on some notebooks and pens, for old times sake.

This year I’m ready for new traditions with my young family. I’m ready to introduce my toddler to hay rides and corn mazes and pumpkin patches. I can’t wait to see her eyes light up as she learns about all the magic that fall brings. I’m excited to share with her my love of Halloween and get to relive my childhood through her tiny self.

its the new colors

It’s okay for autumn to be a time of nostalgia and remembering all the beautiful childhood memories that shaped me into the person I am today. But that nostalgia is the fire beneath me, motivating me create similar moments for my kids that will beautiful memories for them when they’re building families of their own.

Welcome Fall. Won’t you stay a while?