A two part Halloween

I have always LOVED Halloween. Probably because I love dressing up and I’ve come up with some great halloween costumes. It took some convincing after I got married to convince my husband to follow suit. In the past his costumes haven’t been all that elaborate.

Past Halloween Costumes

halloween 002

Mario and Luigi

halloween 001

Tyler Durden and Marla Singer

halloween 003

Scarecrow to scare children trick-or-treating

halloween 004

Barbie (Chris wouldn’t even put on a suit to dress up like Ken)

But I digress. Obviously when I created a spawn I was trying to think of THE PERFECT Halloween costumes for the cutest child in existence (and her pretty cute parents). Tinker Bell was just a natural decision and Wendy and Peter Pan just made sense after that.

Part 1: We went to a Halloween Party with a few friends and threw some costumes together for that since I hadn’t found our Peter Pan/Wendy costumes but I had made Evie’s Tinker Bell Costume.

halloween 008

Chris was a Russian spy, I was Black Widow from the Avengers and Evie was Tinker Bell. But it all went together: Chris was a spy from Russia, Black Widow is from Russia and is in the Avengers, Disney made the Avengers and made Peter Pan which Tinker Bell is in. It works! lol

Evie’s cute Halloween costume

halloween 004

halloween 005

halloween 006

halloween 007


Part 2: Our church had a trunk or treat on Halloween. I put together Halloween costumes for Chris and I, so all our costumes actually made sense this time. I couldn’t get Chris to wear my yoga pants to be Peter Pan so he just ended up in a green shirt with a little belt around it.

halloween 009

halloween 011

halloween 010

At the trunk or treat we ran out of candy in the first 20 minutes. So we bailed out, picked up some more candy at the story on the way home for the trick or treaters and started a scary movie. I had a cute little projector outside that made a little dancing skeleton on our garage and Chris answered the door wearing a terrifying gas mask. All in good Halloween fun.

halloween 012

halloween 013

Then we Face Timed with Aunt Maddie.

All in all it was a good Halloween. And for once I didn’t over indulge in Halloween candy. That baby weight has to come off somehow.