This is Me.

So before we get started on my current life, I thought I’d start out with a little introduction. It’s called:
this is me header

and it goes like this…

For the first several years of my life I was an army brat (more army daughter, less brat depending on who you ask). I started out in Germany, went through Maryland, California, Alabama and by 5 years old we settled down in Georgia. Around this time my dad retired and I had a place I could finally call home.


this is me-1

Me and my little sister in our front yard^^

We relocated when I was 10 to Cumming, Ga and that is where my parents and younger sister still live.

I have been a Girl Scout since I was in the womb, loved theater since age uh…3 or something and I started dancing when I was 13.


this is me-2

My Girl Scout BFFLS^^

this is me-3

Me as the Mayor in All Shook Up^^

this is me-4

Our Contemporary Dance costumes, my Senior Year^^

When the time came to go to college I reluctantly moved far away from my wonderful southern oasis into a dry sometimes unbearably cold and sometimes unbearably hot desert known as the Utah Valley. Here I became a cougar at BYU (Brigham Young University) and have been true blue ever since…

this is me-5

Alena and I after the True Blue foam event^^


…Quite literally. That stuff was hard to clean up.

I met my husband at BYU in the line for Subway. He told me he had a motorcycle. I immediately introduced myself and demanded that we become friends. No really I did. We got married on April 10, 2010 in the LDS Bountiful Temple in Bountiful, Utah.

Almost immediately after we got married we moved to Florida where I did an internship at Walt Disney World and Christopher worked for the Census.

I was a character performer. Here are some of the characters I was ‘friends with’ most often (notice the height similarity between us):

this is me-7


Winnie the Pooh^^

this is me-8

Chip and Dale^^

this is me-9

Grumpy in the Electric Light Parade^^

In August we came back to school at BYU and have been here ever since (which means almost a year).


Okay not really the end because I’m not dead or anything.

More to come.