Vacation Part 1: Arizona

AZ_0028 copy

^^New hair, fresh spray tan, ready for vacay

Mmm Vacation. I was looking forward to this for like a month. So ready for the warmth of Arizona, so ready to just chill and relax and let family play with my babies.

IMG_0149 (1) copy

^^What a good husband!

Our flight left in the afternoon and it was only like an hour so there was really no chance of either kid sleeping. But Chris was an angel and let me sit all by myself in the back of the plane while he took care of BOTH kids. I think it was the most relaxing flight I’ve ever had in my whole life. Seriously magical.

AZ_0003 copy

^^Look how relaxed I am on the flight all by myself!

AZ_0003a copy

^^Babies require a lot of crap

We flew in with Chris’ little sister Caitlin who Evelyn is seriously in love with so that was nice too. The whole reason for the trip was for Chris’ brother’s wedding. So once in town, Caitlin and I headed out to get a gift for the bridal shower that night. We picked something super boring off the registry: sheets, and then something that we thought would make a nice companion gift, lingerie. Obvs.

The funny thing is that since their registry was at Target, everyone who decided to also get the bride lingerie ended up getting her the exact same thing. Dumb Target, only having one bridal worthy type of lingerie. At least that way she can make returns and pick out exactly what she wants.

AZ_0004 copy

The next day I went for a brisk 5 mile run (half marathon here I come) and in return got a massive blister just in time for the wedding on Saturday. So..that was great.

IMG_0193 copy

^^Hugest blister EVER!

I set up a party with all the bridesmaids to do matching Jamberry nails for the wedding so we did that on Friday afternoon. Then Friday evening, the boys went out for a “bachelor party” (dinner and laser tag) and I went out with the bride and a couple of Chris’ sisters  for dinner. It was a lot of fun. We spent the whole time making the bride feel super awkward by talking about sex. But I mean really…what else were we gonna talk about the night before the wedding??

The morning of the wedding, Chris’ stepmom set up a little easter egg hunt for the kids. Evelyn LOVED getting two Easters.

IMG_0053 copy

The wedding was just beautiful. Evelyn loved running around outside the temple while everyone was waiting for the bride and groom to emerge. But she was not about to let the bride steal the show.

IMG_0083 copy

IMG_0086 copy

IMG_0100 copy


IMG_0115 copy

^^Waiting for the bride and groom is hard.

IMG_0138 copy

^^”Why is everyone looking at the bride…Can’t they see I’m right here?”

At one point I lost track of her and saw her little shoes peeking out from behind a pillar. She was playing doctor with Chris’ sister and having surgery done on her knee. Naturally.

IMG_0170 copy

I even managed to hobble around in my heels with my blister becoming more and more painful. Pain is beauty my friend.

IMG_0175 copy

IMG_0169 copy


I take too many selfies, true or false? Trick Question! There’s no such thing.

IMG_0183 copy

^^I seriously love this picture. Chris with his baby brother, newly married and ready to take on life.

Evelyn spent the reception shoving cupcakes into her face and dancing like a maniac. She is seriously so hilarious.

IMG_0200 copy

Sunday, we skipped church and went to visit my Grandma and Aunt where Evelyn got yet another Easter surprise. I guess it’s understandable that people want to spoil such a cute little girl. By now she’s a pro at opening gifts.

IMG_0222 copy

^^Great Grammy’s house is the best!

IMG_0249 copy

^^Everyone loves goldfish right

On Monday we grabbed a rental car and made the trek to California for our Disneyland Adventure….


To be continued.

Jamberry Bridal party


^^She’s wearing gold sparkle with chantilly over the top on the ring finger and thumb.

When Chris’ brother got married, I decided to give the bride an early wedding present and offer to do her nails for the big day. She was so excited to have Jamberry nails for her wedding and took advantage of a super classy design.

bridesmaids looking down

^^They’re wearing boysenberry with gold sparkle accent and the bridesmaid is gold sparkle with boysenberry accent.

Her bridal party decided to get in on the action and have matching nails for the big day! The pictures looked so great, especially the close ups of their bouquets. All those matching nails..I can’t even handle it! Since each sheet of wraps comes with enough for two manis and two pedis, all the bridesmaids could share and it was only about $6 each.

brown bags

^^Everyone had their own bag with everything they needed to get the perfect Jamberry application.

inside bag

^^Everyone gets their wraps, application tools, and a catalog

I did a party the day before the wedding to help all the girls get their jams on. The party was so fun! I had a great time getting to know all the bridesmaids. Give me a good girls night any day! It was a great chance for them all to have a relaxing afternoon together the day before the wedding. Sometimes weddings can be a big ol’ ball of stress for everyone who is working to make it perfect and a little spa party in the middle of it all is a nice pampering distraction.

bridesmaids hands

^^boysenberry and gold sparkle

The bride’s nails were perfect for all those close up ring shots that will be framed on her wall and in photo albums for the rest of forever.

bride close

^^Gold Sparkle and Chantilly

Are you planning a wedding or event where to you want to have matching nails without breaking the bank? Jamberry has so many options to choose from and the best news is, I’ll come help you get a perfect application. These can be great for a girls night in, spa night, right before a vacation, you name it. Gorgeous nails are appropriate for every occasion.

my nails

^^Boysenberry and ombre lotus accent

groom sisters

^^Sisters of the Groom wearing boysenberry and ombre lotus

groom sistah

^^Groom’s sister rocking plum lotus from the Jamberry junior collection

You can view all the nail wrap designs online here. Email me to place your joint order and book a party.

{Baby Girl Update} 3 months old

Ever wondered what 3 months old looks like? It looks like this:

three month 001

3 months old turned out to be a big age for baby girl. She had her first flight, (sort of) her first wedding, and she finally had her baby blessing.

These are some pictures from Evelyn’s first flight on which she did amazingly. She sucked on her little pacifier on take off and landing to help with the pressure change and only fussed a tiny bit here and there. We sat next to a lady on the first flight who said that she loved babies and I was thankful that we didn’t ruin that love with a screaming child during the flight.

three month 002

three month 003

three month 004

It’s so fun to watch Evie develop. She’s still trying to figure out how her hands work and she loves to keep them up by her face or take an entire fist into her mouth to suck on. She is all about figuring out the world and loves to look around. Laying on her back while she is awake is not even an option.

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{That one time} I got married


wedding day header

I woke up in the hotel room before anyone else; Mom, Dad, and Maddie were still fast asleep. I was strangely calm considering that activities that the day held. I quietly retrieved my face wash from the shower and stood at the sink peering at my reflection in the mirror.

“I don’t look any different, ” I thought to myself.

And I didn’t. I looked like the same 19 year old girl who went to bed last night in a small hotel in Salt Lake City. Several minutes passed before there was a knock on the door. It was Heather, my hairdresser, looking beautiful and alert despite the early hour. We crossed the hall to my Aunt Darla’s hotel room and I sat quietly in a chair in front of the mirror as Heather started to curl and pin my hair into the beautiful design we had practiced only weeks earlier. She asked me questions about my excitement and nervousness, but I don’t remember my responses. I remember having a very clear mind and not thinking much of anything. Maybe it was too much to comprehend that early in the morning.

Slowly, everyone else in the three hotel rooms that my family occupied started to wake up. At some point my dad went downstairs into the lobby to buy me breakfast since the Shiloh Inn didn’t offer a free continental one. I don’t remember what the Styrofoam container consisted of when he brought it back upstairs because I didn’t eat any of it. My stomach was already full. Of butterflies I suppose.

Finally Heather finished my hair and it looked perfect, better than it did the day we practiced. It was exactly what I wanted. Then Aunt Darla got to work on my face. Not long after she started my make up, Chris got to the hotel. Maybe he was anxious because he was surprisingly early. But he waited very patiently because I wasn’t good for much conversation. That darn clear head of mine didn’t seem to come up with anything to say.

Chris and I drove to the temple together, our last few moments as truly separate people. I don’t remember what we talked about. That is until Chris realized that he didn’t have his temple recommend (a card that says he is worthy to enter the temple). After a little bit of panic he realized that it was in the pocket of his suit coat which he had lent to his cousin to wear for the day. A couple frantic phone calls resulted in success…we just had to wait for his dad to bring it to him. We sat at the front of the temple on a bench watching our wedding guests file in as we waited for Chris’ temple recommend.

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