Valentine’s Day Picnic


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Poor Chris has been so overwhelmed with work and the house, that I told him to just relax about Valentine’s Day this year. I wasn’t expecting a romantic gift, a fancy date or anything else from him. I promised to take care of everything.

And it turned out to be one of the best Valentine’s Days ever!

The Breakfast

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 I attempted a heart shaped breakfast with chocolate chip pancakes (with a cream cheese frosting topping) and bacon. Some turned out better than others. The bacon was sort of a miss.

The Activities

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After we cleaned breakfast up and got dressed it was time to make valentines. I helped Evelyn make some for her grandparents and Chris made one for me.

Evelyn was so cute and precise about where she put the stickers and heart cut outs. I was nervous that she would be too young to enjoy it but she loved it!

The day before, she helped me make some sugar cookies and then after card decorating we got to ice our cookies!


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