Making Costumes for the Tinkerbell Half


When running a race at Disneyland, you must have costumes. Not only to make you feel happy while you run, but also because the other runners enjoy the parade of costumes to entertain them as they run 13.1 miles.

Darla and I knew right away that we wanted tutus and a cute shirt and it wasn’t that hard to make it happen. I designed the shirts (with the help of google and picmonkey) and tried to order them on Zazzle but Zazzle was like, “Hey this is probably a copyright issue, so we can’t make this for you. Sorry man.” And I’ve had some bad luck with iron-on shirts in the past so I sent the images to Darla and she bought some cute tanks from Victoria’s Secret and ironed them on for us.



I played my part by making our tutus. It’s super easy, just a little tedious. So if you’re going to make two adult tutus, I’d recommend setting up a binge-watching sesh on Netflix to keep you entertained.

To make the tutus I bought:

  • 4-5 yards of tulle per tutu
  • One package of elastic


First things first, I cut all the tulle into strips that were more or less the same length. You want the strip twice as long, since you’ll fold it in half when you tie it to the elastic. I’d recommend keeping the strips a tad longer than you think you want them. It’s easier to trim a tutu than it is to add fabric (actually that’s pretty impossible).

Next you’ll want to measure your waist and sew the elastic accordingly. When measuring your waist pull the elastic just a tad to make sure it actually stays on when you’re running (or whatever other activity you’ll be performing while wearing le tutu). I like to have about a 1.5-2 inch overlap when I sew it.

Last thing to do is tie on the strips of tulle. Just fold the tulle in half and put the tail in through the top loop around the elastic. The closer you put the tulle and more tulle you use, the fluffier it will be.



We ended up trimming our tutus to stick straight out more than lay down. But all in all we looked fab!

What costumes do you wear when running races at Disney or anywhere else?