{That one time} I interviewed Spongebob

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As a journalism student, today I had to turn in my first story for my reporting class. For those of you who are unaware, my reporting class is not just a class, we actually produce a news show. Thankfully our first story got to be for practice and so it wasn’t aired today. Although I must say, I’m pretty proud of how my story turned out.

This particular adventure really starts on Wednesday at 12:45 at the story meeting.

CUE: Wednesday, classroom, 12:45, me prepared with two stories to pitch.

CUE PROF CURTIS: Who has to run to a 1 o’clock class?

CUE: My hand raising

CUE PROF CURTIS: Alright Jocelyn, Let’s start with you.

CUE: Dry mouth, sweaty palms, butterflies fluttering around knots in stomach…

Story 1: TSA has released new guidelines for children so that they won’t have to take off their shoes and they won’t get patted down as often.

CUE PROF CURTIS: Yeah TSA isn’t going to talk to you.

Story 2: A new study just came out that said that certain shows are bad for a child’s brain so I…

CUE PROF CURTIS: I like Spongebob. Alright who’s next?

(Just to clarify, the study was based on kids reactions after watching SpongeBob, my teacher doesn’t have tourettes or anything.)

And that was that.

CUE: Sitting down in  my 1 o’clock Russian class to take my first 200 level Russian exam

CUE: Me unable to hold back tears (of nervousness?? Frustration??)

CUE: Me determining that college and a degree is useless and I should drop out….Until

CUE CHRIS WORDS OF WISDOM: Babe, all you have to do is make it through today, then we can look at our options.

And from that I was off to get my interviews and B Roll for my story.

spongebob 2

My first stop was Dr. Clyde Robinson’s office. Dr. Robinson is a professor of child development and was kind enough to not only interview with me, but he made a powerpoint just for me to explain the specific effects of fast paced cartoons on a child’s brain.

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