Ikea Dresser Makeover

dresser collage

I had such a hard time finding night stands for our master bedroom that were the look I was going for and weren’t like $100 + each! Not in my budget. I ended up choosing these little dressers from Ikea. I like that they have drawers to hide all the junk that is usually in our night stands and they are the perfect nakedness for me to do whatever I want with them. PLUS they’re only $35 each!

The dressers were pretty simple to put together but I still felt super accomplished and proud of myself for following the weird Ikea instructions.

dresser 004

I had stain left over from staining my bannisters back in December so I just used that to stain the dressers and then picked some totes adorbs hardware from Home Depot to put on the finishing touches.

dressers 005

dressers 003

I’m so happy with how they turned out! They are exactly what I wanted in my price point with minimal amount of work. Seriously, staining is the easiest way to update a piece of wood furniture. This project has given me motivation to stain my kitchen table!

dressers 001


dressers 007