{Baby Girl Update} 6 month old photo shoot

Evelyn turned seven months old on Pi Day (3/14). And boy oh boy is this kid giving me a run for my money. Solid foods have got her…how shall I put this and remain a lady…hmm backed up. Which in turn has made her not sleep and cry. A lot.

The doctor suggested prune juice but since she’s not an 85 year old woman, she didn’t like it very much. Go figure.

She’s still not crawling but she sits like a champ. I think she’s going to be a little drummer because she is always patting her hands on the floor or her leg or my arm. She’s so rhythmic.

I got Evelyn’s pictures back from her 6 month photoshoot and I am thrilled with the results. I did a little pinteresting to come up with some 6 month old photoshoot ideas and passed along the shots I loved to my fabulous photographer and good friend, Malae of Malae Talley Photo and Design. As you may remember, she also did my boho maternity photo shoot.

Now without further adieu, My beautiful baby Evelyn:

6 photos 001

6 photos 002

6 photos 003

6 photos 004

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Evelyn’s newborn photo shoot

newborns 000

Teeny squishy babies are just the cutest! All I want to do is hug and snuggle and cuddle my perfect little baby girl. And after seeing the pictures, I bet that’s what you’ll want to do too.

My sister-in-law, Kensie, took these beautiful newborn pictures. Normally I wouldn’t think to spend the money on a photo shoot but I’m so glad I have these photos. Evelyn will never be this tiny again and this precious newborn photo shoot is the perfect way to remember her at just a few days old.

I also love that we got to do a lifestyle shoot too. It shows where we are in our life right now and we get to see our tiny family on our little family bed. It will be fun, as we have more kids, to see that bed get more and more full.

Kensie is so talented and has incredible skill when it comes to posing, photographing and tenderly taking care of newborns. As I brand new mother, I wasn’t at all concerned for my daughter’s safety during the shoot which is super important when it comes to a newborn baby. If you’re looking for a newborn photographer, make sure the person you choose is well qualified and has dealt with newborns before.

What do you guys think? What’s your favorite?

newborns 001

newborns 002

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Sunset Maternity photo shoot

mat shoot 006

As you may remember, I have already had a maternity photo shoot. But my sister-in-law, Kensie M Photography, is in town to take our birth photos and she insisted on doing some maternity pics too. As much as I just LOVE having my picture taken, I’ll admit that doing maternity pictures shortly (as in days) before you have the baby isn’t as much fun.

For one thing I felt absolutely enormous and uncomfortable and super not cute. But somehow the photos still turned out beautiful. The gorgeous sunset might have helped out with that to some extent. And Chris even got to be in a few shots.

For this maternity photo shoot I decided to keep the belly covered up, mainly because it’s so dang huge. I also tried to keep my accessories simple because, once again, big belly over takes everything.

mat shoot 001

mat shoot 002

mat shoot 003

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Maternity Photo Shoot

Let’s be honest, as a pregnant woman who is constantly getting bigger it’s a little difficult to feel pretty. The best part about a maternity photo shoot is that you can document your growing belly and get to feel beautiful at the same time.

I don’t think I would have considered doing an official maternity photo shoot, except my good friend, Malae Talley, offered to do it and I figured, “Why not?” Now that it’s all said and done I’d recommend every pregnant woman do a maternity photo shoot. It’s a great opportunity to get pampered and feel beautiful and it’s all about you. Cause when that baby comes out, you won’t matter anymore, it will be all about the baby.

maternity 009

I stressed out about what to wear (as would any normal person with a photo shoot of any kind) and I decided to go for a simple boho kind of look and even decided bare my belly (Something that some random people on Facebook were very rude about).

Take a look, and tell me what you think.

maternity 001

maternity 002

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