Evelyn’s newborn photo shoot

newborns 000

Teeny squishy babies are just the cutest! All I want to do is hug and snuggle and cuddle my perfect little baby girl. And after seeing the pictures, I bet that’s what you’ll want to do too.

My sister-in-law, Kensie, took these beautiful newborn pictures. Normally I wouldn’t think to spend the money on a photo shoot but I’m so glad I have these photos. Evelyn will never be this tiny again and this precious newborn photo shoot is the perfect way to remember her at just a few days old.

I also love that we got to do a lifestyle shoot too. It shows where we are in our life right now and we get to see our tiny family on our little family bed. It will be fun, as we have more kids, to see that bed get more and more full.

Kensie is so talented and has incredible skill when it comes to posing, photographing and tenderly taking care of newborns. As I brand new mother, I wasn’t at all concerned for my daughter’s safety during the shoot which is super important when it comes to a newborn baby. If you’re looking for a newborn photographer, make sure the person you choose is well qualified and has dealt with newborns before.

What do you guys think? What’s your favorite?

newborns 001

newborns 002

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