Remi 8 month baby photo shoot


I had every intention of doing a 6 month photo shoot for Remi like I did for Evelyn. Well I kept having to reschedule and bottom line is, it ended up being more of an 8 month shoot. (Full disclosure, Remi is like 11 months now). Which is still adorable. It happened right after I bought the kids Easter outfits and right before our Disney trip so we got some really adorable Mickey and Minnie shots (in a post coming your way soon) and Easter shots.

At 8 months Rem is a moving machine. He pulls himself up on everything and cruises from couch to table to chair. He loves playing with his sister who would rather play with ANYONE else. He loves jumping in his bouncer chair. And he finally has two cute little teeth!

These incredible photos were taken by Malae Tally Photo, my go-to photographer and BFF.

















{Baby Boy Update} 6 months old

So keeping up with monthly updates while having two kids is exponentially more difficult than when I had one. Just saying.


Remi boy turned 6 months old on Christmas! Chris was convinced that he would be crawling by then and while he isn’t full on crawling, he’s doing a kind of army crawl thing which gets him from point A to point B. He’ll be real crawling soon though. He gets on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth. He’s moving way more, way faster than Evelyn ever did.

He can totally sit up on his own like a champ.  When he doesn’t feel like army crawling he just rolls everywhere. Like seriously all over the floor! I think it’s time to start baby proofing!


Remington will sleep well for like a week and then the rest of the month he’ll be up 3 or 4 times. There really is no normal for him. I just put him in bed with me to nurse him though, so for the most part I don’t really have to wake up. We moved him out of our room and into his crib in Evelyn’s room a couple months ago. Evelyn does great at sleeping through his cries in the middle of the night.

He takes roughly three naps a day in varying length. Usually one of his naps is around the same time as Evelyn’s nap, so I get a small break from both kids (for like 30 minutes. At least it’s something).


6 months means starting solids! We started him on baby oatmeal and after a few eating sessions complete with full body shudders, he’s finally getting used to the taste and texture and just laps it up.

He reaches with his hands and head towards the spoon which makes for a messy experience but super cute all the same.


 This little boy loves to coo and trill his lips. He will crack up if you tickle him or make faces at him. And seriously, his laugh is the cutest thing. He loves stealing Evelyn’s toys and she doesn’t love that so much. She’s already mastered the, “He’s touching me!”

I don’t think he has a favorite toy but without fail he will reach for an iphone if it’s anywhere near him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s figured out my passcode already.


22 Month Milestones

Oh Miss Evelyn Deon, you amaze me every single day.

22 months 001

22 months 002

For real this girl is a total sponge, constantly learning new words and phrases and songs…SHE’S SINGING SONGS! Sometimes I just stare at her and think about how she used to be inside me like this other little one I’m growing and look how far she’s come since then? How is she growing up so dang fast?!

I figured it’s about time I do an update on all her cool tricks since soon I’ll have a baby and probably be taking a bit of a blogging break. Plus, I want to remember how fun she is being right now. I think this might be my favorite age so far. But I’ve said that about most of the ages so…


It is so hard to get Evelyn to eat. Like anything. Her memory is growing, so she’s aware that sugary goodness exists in the world and frequently in our house so if she’s offered food it better be covered in sugar, or cheese, or she wants nothing to do with it.

It also really helps if you make her food, put it on her Hello Kitty plate with her Hello Kitty fork and then start to eat it yourself. Then she’ll want it…at least a couple bites. Or anything on your plate, as long as she gets to sit in your lap while she eats it.

A typical day includes pancakes, mac and cheese or hot dogs, a cheese stick, goldfish, and whatever we’re having for dinner. I’m such a good mom…always the healthiest food. Or at least the most convenient to prepare at a million months pregnant.


22 months 007

She is finally in her big girl bed! We figured that we might as well make the transfer when we moved her to her new room upstairs so we could make all the changes at once. The first few days were fabulous! She stayed in her bed and went right to sleep. But after that something changed.

She suddenly realized that she wasn’t in a crib and could get out of bed if she wanted which usually includes coming out of her room to find me. Either that or she gets up and climbs into her car where she’ll sit crying with her blanket and sippy cup. (Speaking of sippy cup, she usually just likes to hold it as she goes to sleep. Not necessarily drink out of it…)

I’ve resorted to locking her door so she can’t get out but she gets so sad and cries when I leave the room saying, “Mama stay. Mama lay down. Song again.” It breaks my heart. But usually by the time I’m gone she’s already asleep.

22 months 006

The best part of her not being in a crib is that when she wakes up in the morning she comes and gets in bed with us and watches a show on our phones while we sleep for another hour or so. It’s wonderful.


This kid has got an imagination on her! When she’s not begging to watch TV (Winnie the Pooh, Dora, Daniel Tiger, Little Einsteins, Backyardigans) she’s playing with her stuffed animals and toys. We’ve got a few empty cardboard boxes that she decorated with markers and she uses them as sail boats or rocket ships and gives her friends rides. Sometimes she puts them to sleep in her bed or the bottom drawer of her dresser complete with a wash cloth as a blanket. I also find them ‘sleeping’ all over the house.

22 months 004


Occasionally I find them sitting in her booster chair at the table, presumably waiting for food or lined up on the couch ‘watching’ TV.

22 months 008

Playing outside is like the best thing ever and she’ll go from swing to trampoline to slide over and over again. She also likes to walk up the little mound of earth at the foot of the trees and run down them. To her, I’m sure they seem like mountains.

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{Baby Girl Update} 18 month milestones


I know, I say this with every monthly update I do, but I cannot believe how fast Evelyn grows and develops. She learns new things on daily basis and mimics everything we say. It’s adorable but also a little scary. Time to be careful about what we say, not that we use bad language but you never know what she could pick up.

18 month stats:

Weight: 21 lbs 29 %

Height: 32 in 44 %

Head:48 in 94 %



When we can’t get her to eat Chris has developed this trick of having her smell the food, the lick it and then eventually try a bite. Or there is the classic airplane bite. She loves that so much that she fed Chris an airplane bite the other day, complete with sound effects.Her eating is still a mystery to me. She’ll go a week eating mixed veggies for lunch and loving every last one and then one day she will throw the plate on the floor and demand something else. But since her vocabulary is still limited, that something else is usually, “cookie.”



^^Just napping with the cat

She’s been sleeping through the night for a while now. Nothing much has changed in that department. She takes one 2 hour nap a day. Not long enough to get anything done but it’s a nice little break for me to reset.

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{Baby Girl Update} 16 month milestones

16 mo 001

^^Yes, she is eating a brownie after she climbed on the table to retrieve it

I haven’t done an update on my precious baby in forever! A lot has changed since she turned one. For instance, since her cake smash she is sugar crazed. It’s all she wants. It’s not a good sign for the future.

Since August she’s started running and jumping and dancing and singing and talking. It’s crazy how fast babies develop! I can’t even believe it. It was only a year ago that she was an immobile, drooling infant. Look at her now:

16 mo 010


16 mo 004

This little girl eats everything she can get her hands on. Even if she found it under the couch… But if she can get her hands on it, she will eat anything covered in sugar. Go figure. Chris is the candy addict in our house and if she hears him rattle anything that even sounds like a candy wrapper her hand is out and she is asking for some.

Other than sugar, she loves yogurt and scrambled eggs or anything that either of her parents are eating.



16 mo 006

All Evelyn wanted for Christmas were cars. She LOVES pushing them around. But her favorite car is her cozy coupe that she can get in and drive herself.

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{Baby Girl Update} 1 Year Old

bear collage resize

I seriously cannot believe an entire year has gone by since Evelyn was born. (She can’t believe it either…just check out that 12 month picture^^.) I’m honestly amazed at how fast the time flew and how I can’t actually remember the pain of child birth or recovery. I read blog posts and journal entries from that time and I vaguely remember that there was pain but that’s the extent of it.

What I do know is that I am so lucky to get to be the mother of this incredible girl. She is so smart and full of life and attitude. It’s a little scary how much attitude she has.

In honor of my little 1 year old, take a trip with me down memory lane with this video:

And if you want more memories, check out some of these past blog posts:

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So what’s a one year old like?

  • She’s gotten a little braver about walking. She can take 8-10 steps before she face plants in a fit of giggle. She also loves to hold my fingers to walk around or to push her walker because it’s a little faster than trying it on her own.
  • She goes back and forth between wanting food and not eating anything. It’s a little hard and I find myself stressing over what to feed her. We think she has a milk allergy so it’s been strictly almond milk, which she loves.
  • As far as her “tricks” go: she waves bye bye, she gives open mouth kisses but also makes the kissy sound by popping her lips, she gives loves to everything from a sock she finds on the floor to her teddy bears. She’ll put whatever she’s giving loves to up to her cheek and say, “Ohhh”.
  • When she drops or throws something on the floor she says her version of Uh-Oh, “Uh-Uhm”. She’s figured out how to pull my shirt open and ask for milk…that’s gotta stop. She plays peek a boo by putting one hand in the center of her face and staring at you with a huge grin.
  • She loves her swing and bouncing on the trampoline. She climbs up on EVERYTHING and loves to dance whenever there is music playing.
  • She’s down to two naps a day and is FINALLY sleeping through the night. (Thank Goodness!)
  • She loves the bath and could seriously spend like 30 minutes in there, no problem.
  • She says mama, and dada and something that sounds like “cat” whenever she sees our kitten, Oatmeal.

I’m so in love with this cuddly girl and I swear that I love her more and more everyday. She is the light of my world and even though she’s stressful sometimes, I wouldn’t trade my life with her for anything in the world.

{Baby Girl Update} 11 months old

1 bout to crawl.jpg

As Evelyn gets older I keep thinking about what I was doing last year at this time. I can’t believe that it’s been a whole year since I was preparing for her birth. Doing my last minute shopping, setting up her bassinet, packing my birth center bag. And now she’s almost a year old. It’s like once she started becoming more mobile time fast forwarded. I swear it was only yesterday that she rolled from back to front for the first time and now all she wants to do is walk everywhere (holding onto someone’s finger). I know time is going to continue to get faster, the older she gets and I just hate it. Does anyone have advice on how to slow down and enjoy every little moment?

It’s the weirdest struggle between wanting her to play quietly by herself so I can do the dishes and wanting to wake her up from a nap so I can just cuddle her.

She turns 11 months on Monday!

Baby stats:


short, skinny with a huge head


1a eating.jpg copy

she eats everything except milk and peanut butter. She loves feeding herself and loves strawberries the most. I still nurse her a few times a day before naps but it’s more for comfort than anything else. She’s starting to get the hang of her sippy cup but doesn’t want a bottle. Ever.


2 sleeping baby.jpg copy

Naps have been total madness. Some days it takes the better part of an hour to put her to sleep and then she wakes up after 20 minutes. Other times I lay her down and she’s asleep before her head is on the mattress. At night she sleeps 8p-8a and wakes up once usually around 5a to nurse. I’m about done with that early morning feeding.


she has two on top, three on bottom, and it looks like one more coming in on the bottom.

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{Baby Girl Update} 9 months in, 9 months out

Evelyn has officially been outside of my body for the same length of time that she was inside my body. (Does that sound gross or what?)

Here’s a little update on the life of a 9 months old baby:

9 mo 001


9 mo 002

9 mo 003

She loves peaches, pears, peas, graham crackers and those little dissolvable baby puffs. She likes to bounce when she eats so feeding her is similar to an impossible-to-win carnival game. And she’s been experimenting with drinking water. She still nurses before bedtime and naps.

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{Baby Girl Update} 8 months old

8 mo 001

I can’t believe my little button is already 8 months old! I can hardly remember what it was like to have a squishy newborn. She’s at this age where she’s turning into an actual human being. Up until this point it was sea monkey all the way.

She laughs when I laugh, if I laugh at something that she does, she does it again. She plays with toys and drums on everything, she loves rattles. She likes to eat grass and loves going for walks. She chews on EVERYTHING because she has two cute little tiny teeth in the front on the bottom. She’s not crawling yet but she squirms like the cutest little worm with arms and legs you’ve ever seen. She’ll roll onto her belly and scoot herself backwards and move side to side. She just hasn’t figured out how to get up onto her knees and move forward. Details really.

8 mo 002

I started giving her three meals a day of real food and boy can that girl eat! (She takes after her Momma). But after a few days of eating more solid food something magical happened, she started sleeping WAY more! The first few nights, she only got up once and last night SHE SLEPT THE WHOLE NIGHT!!! I’m talking 9pm to 8am. I had the hardest time waking up and I think it’s cause it’s like the first time I had a full night’s sleep in roughly 8 months.

8 months came just in time for Easter. It was a lot of fun because with a kid I finally had an excuse to do some kid stuff. Sure she was asleep when we decorated our eggs but again, details..

We started our celebration on Saturday afternoon. Chris was a super nice husband and blew out half a dozen eggs for me even though he said he hates doing it. Then we spent the next like 3 hours making these:

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{Baby Girl Update} 6 month old milestones

So I have this kid. She’s pretty dang adorable and she lights up my whole world. At 6 months old she is so full of personality!

six month 001

6 Month Old Milestones


Still breastfeeding full time. We tried bananas and she is not really a fan. Too slimy maybe. It was so funny when she tried them for the first time she made this face like, “what is this putrid object you have so forcefully shoved into my eating receptacle?” And then she did like a full body shudder and I laughed for a full 5 minutes.

six month 002

We tried rice cereal and she liked that much better but it’s a lot of work to give her real food and breast feeding is so much easier so until her doctor says to give her more real food it’ll be pretty sporadic.


Her sleep has been ALL OVER THE PLACE. At one point around 4.5- 5 months old she was waking up every two hours like a newborn! I ended up putting her in bed with us so that I could feed her while I slept and not be a zombie all the time. Then some nights she would only wake up once and we would rejoice until the next night when she stayed up all night watching us sleep and giggling loudly like an adorable little chipmunk planning some sort of scheme.

six month 003

But now she seems to have developed a routine (knock on wood). She wakes up around 3 am and then again around 5 am and is up for good around 8 am-ish. It’s actually not too bad. She eats and goes right back to bed. And we finally put her in her own room *gasp*. I’m glad to have my bed back. But Chris misses her. I too am surprised by this.

Normally she gets in 3 naps a day that are around 2 hours, give or take.

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