Urban Maternity Photo Shoot

As it turns out I am much more motivated to work on painting and organizing and decorating my house than I am to write on my blog. So, sorry for being so neglectful. But the good news is that I’m actually feeling like the house is ready enough for the baby to come. Not completely done, but ready enough.


It takes a talented photographer to make a million weeks pregnant woman feel and look pretty during a photo shoot but somehow my friend Malae pulled it off.

My maternity shoot with Evelyn was just me, and it was very wild child in the forested mountains. It was so beautiful and I love how the photos turned out but for this one I wanted it to A. be with Chris and Evelyn and B. I wanted it to be an urban maternity photo shoot. For some reason I felt like the urban scene was more rough and tumble like boys are as opposed to the flower child vibe I was going for when I was pregnant with Evelyn.

I’m really happy with the way everything turned out! Evelyn cooperated for just enough photos that I got some cute shots that I love and let’s be honest, by the time Evelyn was done, Chris was done too. Which means that the rest of the time could be focused on me and my little (I’m lying, it’s huge) baby bump.

So without further ado, my urban maternity shoot. Make sure you scroll down far enough to check out my Pinterest fail shot.

maternity 001

maternity 002


^^I love her up on her tip toes to reach my belly!

So Pinterest fail time… This is what we were going for:


And this is what happened:

maternity 003


Evelyn kept leaning backwards and wouldn’t sit up straight, let alone lean forward to kiss me and as I pulled on her arms it smashed Chris’ face further into my belly. It was absolutely hilarious. Even though the pics weren’t what I had envisioned, I like how they turned out. It’s definitely us in a nutshell.

maternity 004

maternity 005

maternity 006

maternity 007

maternity 008

maternity 009

maternity 010

maternity 011

maternity 012

maternity 013

maternity 014

maternity 015

maternity 016

maternity 017

maternity 018

maternity 019

maternity 020

maternity 021

maternity 022

maternity 023


pinterest fail

maternity collage

Sunset Maternity photo shoot

mat shoot 006

As you may remember, I have already had a maternity photo shoot. But my sister-in-law, Kensie M Photography, is in town to take our birth photos and she insisted on doing some maternity pics too. As much as I just LOVE having my picture taken, I’ll admit that doing maternity pictures shortly (as in days) before you have the baby isn’t as much fun.

For one thing I felt absolutely enormous and uncomfortable and super not cute. But somehow the photos still turned out beautiful. The gorgeous sunset might have helped out with that to some extent. And Chris even got to be in a few shots.

For this maternity photo shoot I decided to keep the belly covered up, mainly because it’s so dang huge. I also tried to keep my accessories simple because, once again, big belly over takes everything.

mat shoot 001

mat shoot 002

mat shoot 003

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Maternity Photo Shoot

Let’s be honest, as a pregnant woman who is constantly getting bigger it’s a little difficult to feel pretty. The best part about a maternity photo shoot is that you can document your growing belly and get to feel beautiful at the same time.

I don’t think I would have considered doing an official maternity photo shoot, except my good friend, Malae Talley, offered to do it and I figured, “Why not?” Now that it’s all said and done I’d recommend every pregnant woman do a maternity photo shoot. It’s a great opportunity to get pampered and feel beautiful and it’s all about you. Cause when that baby comes out, you won’t matter anymore, it will be all about the baby.

maternity 009

I stressed out about what to wear (as would any normal person with a photo shoot of any kind) and I decided to go for a simple boho kind of look and even decided bare my belly (Something that some random people on Facebook were very rude about).

Take a look, and tell me what you think.

maternity 001

maternity 002

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