{That one time} My story fell apart

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For those of you who don’t actually want to read my hilarious witty remarks, I put the video at the top to save you from the carpal tunnel that you would inevitably get if you had to scroll all the way to the bottom to watch it.

For the rest of you, I daresay this second go round was more difficult than the first. This time I didn’t have an advanced reporter helping me. Plus the professor I was going to interview as my professional on the topic wasn’t available and so my story fell apart a little bit.

CUE: Me bawling

CUE CHRIS THINKING: She’s gonna have to quit.

CUE MY INCREDIBLE MOTHER: La La La I have the answers!

My awesome mom gave me a little motivational speech (It looks like I’m going to need one of those weekly. Good thing my dad will be in town next week) and directed me towards another source I could use for my story. Thankfully the woman I called was super sweet (or super excited to be on tv) and helped me set up a whole interview and I got some great B roll.

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My main interview took me all the way to the University of Utah and with rush hour by the time the interview was over it was dark outside….which meant that I couldn’t get any more B roll. So I pretty much just had to hope that there were some stories in the archives that had footage that I could use.

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{That one time} I interviewed Spongebob

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As a journalism student, today I had to turn in my first story for my reporting class. For those of you who are unaware, my reporting class is not just a class, we actually produce a news show. Thankfully our first story got to be for practice and so it wasn’t aired today. Although I must say, I’m pretty proud of how my story turned out.

This particular adventure really starts on Wednesday at 12:45 at the story meeting.

CUE: Wednesday, classroom, 12:45, me prepared with two stories to pitch.

CUE PROF CURTIS: Who has to run to a 1 o’clock class?

CUE: My hand raising

CUE PROF CURTIS: Alright Jocelyn, Let’s start with you.

CUE: Dry mouth, sweaty palms, butterflies fluttering around knots in stomach…

Story 1: TSA has released new guidelines for children so that they won’t have to take off their shoes and they won’t get patted down as often.

CUE PROF CURTIS: Yeah TSA isn’t going to talk to you.

Story 2: A new study just came out that said that certain shows are bad for a child’s brain so I…

CUE PROF CURTIS: I like Spongebob. Alright who’s next?

(Just to clarify, the study was based on kids reactions after watching SpongeBob, my teacher doesn’t have tourettes or anything.)

And that was that.

CUE: Sitting down in  my 1 o’clock Russian class to take my first 200 level Russian exam

CUE: Me unable to hold back tears (of nervousness?? Frustration??)

CUE: Me determining that college and a degree is useless and I should drop out….Until

CUE CHRIS WORDS OF WISDOM: Babe, all you have to do is make it through today, then we can look at our options.

And from that I was off to get my interviews and B Roll for my story.

spongebob 2

My first stop was Dr. Clyde Robinson’s office. Dr. Robinson is a professor of child development and was kind enough to not only interview with me, but he made a powerpoint just for me to explain the specific effects of fast paced cartoons on a child’s brain.

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