Neverland Nursery


Neverland nursery 1

Remember when I did the reveal of the Winnie the Pooh nursery? Well we have since moved Evelyn into her own room downstairs and took the Pooh decor with her which means that the old Winnie the Pooh nursery needed a makeover!

Initially my thought was to do a nautical theme, because adorable! But as I was searching Pinterest for inspiration I came across a Peter Pan’s Neverland themed nursery and I was instantly hooked. I’m a sucker for storybook, imagination, fantasy goodness.

neverland nursery 2

neverland nursery 3

neverland nursery 4

neverland nursery 6

I kept the crib and a few pieces from the old gallery wall but everything else is new and on theme.

neverland nursery 13

My favorite part of the room is probably the flying ship mobile. When I started making it, it was just going to be floating stars but once it was all done it felt like it was missing something and thus came the flying boat. If you know the story of Peter Pan, you know that he covers Captain Hook’s ship in pixie dust and uses it to fly Wendy and her brothers home. Making this mobile was a ridiculous amount of work but after seeing the end product, I feel like it was SO worth it.

neverland nursery 14

neverland nursery 12

neverland nursery 11

I love that this room has so many elements of the Peter Pan story; Captain Hook’s ship on one wall, a teepee from the lost boys on another. Even Captain Hook’s hook is there to hold up a lantern for my little lost boy’s night light.

neverland nursery 10

neverland nursery 9

neverland nursery 8

neverland nursery 7

neverland nursery 5

This has become one of my favorite rooms in the house. It’s so full of imagination and possibility. I’m excited for Remi to get older and find a similar love of the Peter Pan story and dream of going to Neverland.

neverland nursery 17

neverland nursery 20

neverland nursery 18

neverland nursery 21

neverland nursery 22

neverland nursery 23 neverland nursery

Home Remodel: Expansion continued

expansion cont 010

Since we’re not working on the house full time, things have been very start/stop. Drywall and stucco outside seemed to happen so fast. But since then we haven’t done much.

Isn’t it funny how I keep using “we”?? My contribution is complaining that it’s not done yet.

I guess that’s not entirely true. I did help pick out doors and trim, while also wrestling a toddler who did not want to sit still and talk to the nice man about our interior finish work.

So where are we now?

The stucco is DONE!

expansion cont 010


The color turned out a little more blue than I was expecting.

expansion cont 011

We still need to do the front and back porch. I also want to add some shutters and paint the door and whatnot, but that comes at the very end.

The drywall is DONE!

(How about a little tour??)

expansion cont 001

^^View of the kitchen as you enter the house

expansion cont 002

expansion cont 002a

expansion cont 003

expansion cont 004

^^The nursery and all our doors!

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Adventures in Home Remodeling

remodel 001

People ask all the time how our house is coming. It’s the first question they ask when I haven’t seen them or talked to them in a while. And you know what, I’m starting to be okay with the question. I’ve stopped thinking so much about it. It doesn’t make me cringe quite as much anymore.

My default answer is, “It’s coming.”

The worst question now is, “When will it be done?”

Well that really is the question isn’t it?! One we would ALL like to be answered. So if you find out the date it will be completed, please let me know. I’d love to plan around that.

Does that answer your question?

Now on the subject of the slow moving progress:

We caught Home Depot on the tail end of their November Black Friday sales and got great deals on all of our kitchen appliances. It was a lot of fun to pick them out and picture our soon to be kitchen.

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Home Remodel stage 3 part 2

Home remodel pt 2 001

home remodel pt 2 002

home remodel pt 2 002a

home remodel pt 2 002b

home remodel pt 2 003

home remodel pt 2 003a

home remodel pt 2 004

home remodel pt 2 005

home remodel pt 2 006

So things are actually starting to look pretty dang impressive. For the most part, the whole house is framed. I can actually walk through each of the bedrooms and see how big they are and imagine how I’m going to decorate. I’m so excited!

No really I am! It is all seeming more real.

Now that the rain has slowed down and we no longer have a cup duct taped to our ceiling in our bedroom to catch drips, things are on their way up.

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Home Remodel stage 3: Expansion

expansion 001

expansion 002

expansion 003

Building a house is seriously hard work. I mean I’m not actually building the house, but it sounds like hard work.

I’m sitting peacefully (ha) beneath the house and my only job is to keep my daughter alive. So nothing has changed really. Except that now I have to keep her happy while it sounds like there is a war going on above us. It’s making nap time really interesting.

Although as I write this she is amazingly fast asleep and I’m sort of in disbelief. But I’m just going to quietly count my blessings and hope it’s a long nap so I can regain some semblance of sanity.

I never realized how stressful this whole process would be on me. I mean I’m not actually doing any building but it’s still pretty stressful. I guess living in a construction zone can do that to you.

Chris’ dad got here on Saturday morning, bright and early and they started working right away. Then unfortunately on Sunday the ceiling was leaking (I say ceiling because there is obviously no roof) so they had to work to get things finished faster to prevent a Noah’s ark sort of situation.

expansion 004

expansion 005

expansion 006

But things appear to be coming along quite nicely. I have a doorway up, which is pretty thrilling. Makes the whole thing seem real. I stood up there and squinted my eyes to pretend that it was finished and I was looking out my open door. And they’re done with the plumbing so I can see where my bathrooms will be.

There’s even a stack of walls in the back yard that I assume will go up as soon as they put the floors down.

It’s pretty exciting stuff people!

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