Our last week in Hawaii

Well, it’s April and Hawaii is just a distant memory. Okay, it’s not  really that distant. I thought I would be a little sadder about leaving ‘paradise’ but I’m actually happy to be back to the mainland (or America by Chris’ standards). We haven’t found an apartment yet or a car or a job for Chris for that matter, but we’re working on it.

Our last week in Hawaii was bitter-sweet. We were excited to start the new phase of our life with a baby and new place to live and new job, but it’s a little nerve-wracking to leave something stable and go into the unknown where we have to start over. Plus all in all, we really did enjoy our time in Hawaii. It was a fun adventure and I’m glad we got to do it.

The main thing we wanted to again before we left was hike Manoa, which is Christopher’s favorite hike.

last week 002

last week 003

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Belated Hawaii Honeymoon in Ko’Olina

honeymoon 001

Chris and I never went on a real honeymoon. After we got married (almost 3 years ago!) I had to take a couple finals and then we drove directly from Utah out to Florida for my internship at DisneyWorld. In our entire marriage we have stayed in a hotel 3 times. Once on our wedding night, once for a brief stop in Tennessee on our way to Florida, and once in Savannah, Ga on a trip with my family. Never has it been a real vacation just the two of us.

Up until this point, we never really had the time or money to have an awesome honeymoon. But now we’re living in Hawaii and were presented with the perfect opportunity for a tropical paradise honeymoon for a fraction of what it cost other people.

So we headed about an hour West and stayed in the beautiful Marriott Vacation Club in Ko’olina

Along the beach are four man-made lagoons each one serves as the backyard to four resorts, one of which is Disney’s Aulani Resort. Our resort had three pools, and four hot tubs that kept us good, busy and relaxed.

So let me take you through our trip day by day.

Day one.

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