Babyland General Hospital (Cabbage Patch Hospital)


The Saturday before I left Georgia, my mom took Evelyn and I to the Babyland General Hospital. For those of you who have never heard of it, it’s basically a huge toy store for Cabbage Patch dolls but it’s set up like a hospital.

I used to love going when I was a kid. And when I was a little older than a kid. I’ve always loved dolls and the way they had it set up was so fun. You could walk through a baby nursery and the NICU. Then there was a whole schoolroom setup and playground scene. The main room was set up like an enchanted forest and had cabbage plants everywhere with babies growing out of them. There were twinkling lights and little fairies and a huge tree where a baby was born every time you visited.

Since I was a kid, they built a new location and redid everything. I have to admit, I was kind of disappointed. Maybe it’s because everything is better when you’re a kid but I’m thinking it was mostly because they transformed it from a cool exhibit to basically a big toy store. You can still walk through some baby nurseries but they aren’t staged…it’s just a bunch of baby dolls in cribs.

The exterior of the new building is incredible!


The inside was less impressive compared to the old one.



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Our Trip to Georgia

Visiting my family in Georgia was such a blast! The downside was that Chris was still in Utah and both my parents had to go to work everyday.

My days with Evelyn were spent trying to keep her from pulling the cat’s tail or crying when the dog barked and visiting with my friends who still live in Georgia.

My evenings and weekends were reserved to spend time with my parents and let them get to know Evelyn a little better. But enough of my jabber. Take a look for yourself:



^^Rocking an outfit I wore as an infant


^^So polite at church


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Surprise, I’m in Georgia!

I have been DYING to post on all forms of social media about my then impending trip to Georgia but the whole goal was to surprise my mom and since she follows me on all forms of social media, that wasn’t really an option.

I was super sad not to be home with my family for Christmas this past year and my dad said that he would be willing to buy me a plane ticket for sometime in January or February so I could come visit then. That sounded all fine and dandy and we started keeping an eye out for tickets.

THEN I decided that for our 5th anniversary this year we should do something besides the typical dinner and a movie and I started looking for tickets to Maryland where my aunt lives. The goal was to stay with her and avoid hotel fees and then take day trips to NYC, DC and anywhere else nearby that strikes our fancy.

I had Chris nearly sold on the idea until he mentioned that he really couldn’t go on both trips. Not because of money or time, but more because of our unfinished house. He wasn’t happy about leaving the house so undone.

Since we haven’t really ever done a vacation thing I opted for doing that before the baby comes and going to see my family in the late Fall early/Winter so they could spend time with new baby.

I found an INCREDIBLE deal on tickets to Maryland and started planning out all the excursions we would take while we were there. But before anything else, I had to tell my mom that we weren’t coming to Georgia.

She didn’t take it so well.

I think the words “dead to me” were thrown around. Possibly in jest, but I’m sure there was some truth to it.

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