A Funeral: Until we meet again

funeral 001

As my visit with my Aunt and cousins came to an end Chris got a phone call from his mom, a call that we had been dreading. My mother in law had been battling breast cancer for nearly three years. She was diagnosed shortly after Chris and I were married.

funeral 002

The phone call was to let us know that it was time to come and say, “we love you and we’ll see you soon.” We left on Saturday afternoon and got to Chris’ family’s house on Saturday evening. His mom wasn’t able to talk to us by the time we got there but she could hear us. I know she knew we were there. The baby started kicking like crazy when we were talking with his mom. I think she was excited to be with her Grandma.

funeral 003


^^Chris sitting with his mom shortly before she passed

In the wee hours on Sunday morning, she passed away. It was a sad day, but we were grateful that she wasn’t suffering anymore. We left to head back home on Monday afternoon. Chris spent the morning building lego castles with his little sisters.

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