{Baby Girl Update} 3 months old

Ever wondered what 3 months old looks like? It looks like this:

three month 001

3 months old turned out to be a big age for baby girl. She had her first flight, (sort of) her first wedding, and she finally had her baby blessing.

These are some pictures from Evelyn’s first flight on which she did amazingly. She sucked on her little pacifier on take off and landing to help with the pressure change and only fussed a tiny bit here and there. We sat next to a lady on the first flight who said that she loved babies and I was thankful that we didn’t ruin that love with a screaming child during the flight.

three month 002

three month 003

three month 004

It’s so fun to watch Evie develop. She’s still trying to figure out how her hands work and she loves to keep them up by her face or take an entire fist into her mouth to suck on. She is all about figuring out the world and loves to look around. Laying on her back while she is awake is not even an option.

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