An Early Easter

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^^Notice the super cool pink hair

I knew we would be out of town for Easter and since I didn’t want to fill our suitcases with easter eggs, we celebrated Easter a week early. I was on such a “buy all the Disney souvenirs” kick that I already had a bunch of gifts to choose from to give Evelyn.

One of the best parts about having kids is reliving my childhood and buying toys that I’d like for myself. I’m not really sure why I fell in love with tsum tsums, but I did and I can’t seem to stop buying them. The good news is, they are the perfect size and shape to fit in extra large easter eggs!

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It was kind of fun to have some little eggs filled with candy and some special surprise eggs with tsum tsums inside. I loved watching Evelyn find them. Naturally she wanted to open each one after she found it, but we were somehow able to convince her to wait until she found all of them.

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I think Chris and I had more fun hiding eggs and watching Evelyn find them than she actually had finding them. All in all it was fun day and I think Evelyn is definitely a fan of Easter now.

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She insisted on hunting for eggs with her butterfly net instead of her easter basket.

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L-R Roo, Lumpy (heffalump from Pooh), Anna, Pooh, Elsa, Tigger, Christopher Robin, Christof, Sven, Piglet.


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Remi was happy to chew on eggs.

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^^Since it wasn’t actually Easter, I didn’t put the kids in their Easter outfits, and instead put Evelyn in this cute hand-me-down from her Aunt Lindsey. Lindsey actually happened to wear this dress to our wedding, so naturally I had her remake the photo for a cute throwback.


I think I often overlook the significance of Easter. I usually think of egg hunts, deviled eggs and lots and lots of candy. This year we had the chance to spend Easter weekend listening to council from the leaders of our church and it was a good reminder of why we actually celebrate Easter.

If you need the reminder, watch this short but powerful video put out by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (aka LDS or Mormons).

On Friday afternoon, Evelyn and I made some Easter crafts. And by that I mean, I was trying to make cute Easter crafts and she just wanted to play with the mini pom-poms. Maybe still a tad young. She liked her bunny hat though and kept asking, “bunny, hat, wear?”

easter 001

easter 002

easter 003

General Conference was wonderfully uplifting as always. My sister, Maddie, and Christopher’s sister, Caitlin are both in school at BYU and came over both Saturday and Sunday to watch with us. I have to admit that it’s harder to pay attention when you’re hanging out with people you like and just want to chat with.

We let Evelyn open her basket on Saturday so we could munch on candy during conference. The first thing she saw was the little stuffed Elmo and she hasn’t put him down since. She especially  loves sharing her meals with his wide open mouth and frequently sings, “La la la la” from the intro to Elmo’s World.

easter 004

easter 005

She really got into her Easter basket this year, playing with the toys and opening the eggs to find candy. It’s amazing how much she’s transformed since last year. I think we overwhelmed her with candy though, because she didn’t eat or sleep well the whole weekend.

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{Baby Girl Update} 8 months old

8 mo 001

I can’t believe my little button is already 8 months old! I can hardly remember what it was like to have a squishy newborn. She’s at this age where she’s turning into an actual human being. Up until this point it was sea monkey all the way.

She laughs when I laugh, if I laugh at something that she does, she does it again. She plays with toys and drums on everything, she loves rattles. She likes to eat grass and loves going for walks. She chews on EVERYTHING because she has two cute little tiny teeth in the front on the bottom. She’s not crawling yet but she squirms like the cutest little worm with arms and legs you’ve ever seen. She’ll roll onto her belly and scoot herself backwards and move side to side. She just hasn’t figured out how to get up onto her knees and move forward. Details really.

8 mo 002

I started giving her three meals a day of real food and boy can that girl eat! (She takes after her Momma). But after a few days of eating more solid food something magical happened, she started sleeping WAY more! The first few nights, she only got up once and last night SHE SLEPT THE WHOLE NIGHT!!! I’m talking 9pm to 8am. I had the hardest time waking up and I think it’s cause it’s like the first time I had a full night’s sleep in roughly 8 months.

8 months came just in time for Easter. It was a lot of fun because with a kid I finally had an excuse to do some kid stuff. Sure she was asleep when we decorated our eggs but again, details..

We started our celebration on Saturday afternoon. Chris was a super nice husband and blew out half a dozen eggs for me even though he said he hates doing it. Then we spent the next like 3 hours making these:

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