Mickey and Minnie photo shoot



Remi’s 8 month photo shoot just so happened to be right before our trip to Disneyland. I took advantage of the fact that I had gotten costumes for the kids for the trip and decided to get a few Mickey and Minnie shots while I had a talented photographer there (Malae Talley Photo).

I’m kind of a Disney fanatic so these pictures make me obsessively happy. Like I kind of can’t even handle it. These are perfect.

Remington likes Evelyn significantly more than she likes him. Which is unfortunate and makes it hard to take photos of the two of them. They turned out pretty cute nonetheless.

Take a look for yourself:











Vacation part 2: Disneyland

IMG_0532 copy

I can’t even tell you how I giddy I was about going to Disneyland. Like seriously giddy. Disneyland and Disney World even more so, are like a second home to me and I love the magic atmosphere of it all. I couldn’t wait to share it with Evelyn. She was only 10 months old on our first trip so all the magic kind of went over her head. But this time at 2 and a half she would be the perfect age to experience the magic in full effect.

As it turns out, Disneyland can still be quite overwhelming for a two and a half year old. If you ask her she’ll tell you all about the scary pirate ride (Pirates of the Caribbean), the scary house ride (the haunted mansion), the scary car ride (Mr Toad’s Wild Ride), if you ask how she liked the Winnie the Pooh or Ariel rides she’ll tell you, “Yeah, but they were a little bit scary.”

But her favorite ride by far was “the horses” AKA The carousel. Yes that’s right, a ride that you can find in most malls, was my daughter’s favorite at Disneyland.

Anywho, these pictures will tell the story of our trip much better than I ever could, Enjoy!

IMG_0316 copy

IMG_0320 copy

^^Kisses for Minnie

IMG_0323 copy

^^Showin’ off her shoes

IMG_0324 copy

IMG_0346 copy

IMG_0357 copy

^^Hanging out in Mickey’s house

IMG_0427 copy

IMG_0438 copy

IMG_0457 copy

^^Costume change number 1

IMG_0384 copy

IMG_0389 copy

IMG_0396 copy

^^All the Pooh characters were just enamored by Evelyn. They each walked her from one character to the next and Rabbit just refused to let her go.

IMG_0406 copy

^^She sang Pooh ‘Little Black Raincloud, and he even shared some honey with her.

IMG_0508 copy

^^Costume change #3

IMG_0518 copy

IMG_0529 copy

IMG_0534 copy

^^So excited to ride the horsies!!

IMG_0537 copy

IMG_0560 copy

IMG_0562 copy

^^Homemade t shirts

Day 2:

IMG_0582 copy

IMG_0594 copy

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Doing Disney Part 1: Disney for Adults

doing disney part 1.jpg

Disney World trip info comin’ atcha hard and fast. We just spent the last week at Disney World and I am thrilled to tell you all the exciting things I learned and did. This is the first post in a 5 part series in which I’ll discuss Disney for Adults, Accommodations, Restaurants/ Dining Plan, Disney with a Baby, and What to Wear.

I totally understand if you don’t care about how to plan a Disney trip, but as always my posts are filled with colorful anecdotes and awesome pictures. So you should read them anyway. 🙂

This trip was different from all the other trips I’ve been on in that the youngest person (apart from my infant) was 17. The things we wanted to do and see were significantly different from what we did when all us kids were 5,10 and 13.

Since we weren’t kids wanting to ride every little thing and since we’d all been to Disney World several times in the past, there was no real need to plan every last minute. I did do a little planning beforehand to decide what parks we would be in on what day and that was mainly for crowd control and because we had the Dining Plan, but I’ll get more into that later.

This trip was so much more fun because it was more relaxed. There were quite a few rides I didn’t go on because I’d been on them before and when it got crazy hot and crowded, we didn’t mind going back to the hotel to cool down and nap.

We got to enjoy four nice sit down meals and not stress that those two hours were not spent in line for some fabulous ride. And when the line for the new Mine Train ride would not drop below 75 minutes and there wasn’t a fast pass to be had, we skipped it without too much heartache, knowing that in due time we’d be back, it wouldn’t be a new ride and we could enjoy it without getting sweaty and grumpy beforehand.

So if your upcoming Disney World trip is a repeat visit for a group of adults, keep these tips in  mind:

Be flexible

If Magic Kingdom is crowded, head over to Epcot even if that wasn’t the original plan for the day. If it’s too hot, go back to the resort and swim. If you stayed up late at Downtown Disney the night before, sleep in.

Don’t make yourself crazy, tired and uncomfortable trying to make every moment count. It’s a vacation, you shouldn’t be killing yourself.

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