DIY Cork Board Map Tutorial

map 001

Before your tutorial, (If you wanna skip to the tutorial, scroll down to the pictures, but you’ll be missing a great story!) you get a little story, I call it

The Story of the Maps

So back last fall sometime, I had this brilliant plan to find a moderately sized map, adhere it to some cork board and make an awesome ‘where they’ve been, where they wanna go’ type deal. Skip ahead to late January right before my birthday party and the first time we really had anyone over to our basement house. I was stressing over making the house not look so basement-y and the biggest problem was this huge horrific white wall in the kitchen. To me it was this eye sore akin to someone having wiped fecal matter all over it. To anyone else it was non-noticeable because, hello it’s a white wall.

So I was desperate to come up with something adorable and clever to cover the wall and convinced Chris, in the middle of a blizzard, that we needed to go find a map and cork RIGHT NOW. And so he dutifully drove me to a map supply store, because where else do you go to find maps? Only problem is they didn’t exactly have the moderately sized map I had been dreaming of. The only one we could find was hugenormous. The good news was it would cover the ENTIRE white heinous wall. The bad news: it was like 30 bucks. And then we had to buy the cork to go behind it. Yeah that was gonna be a fortune so instead we just got some thick poster board. But the piece we bought was so huge that it wouldn’t fit in my teeny tiny bug (who needs a mom car?!) so we had to borrow a dull Xacto knife from the map supply store people and we sat on the floor and cut it up.

Long story short (you wish) the map ended up in a series of panels on the terrible horrible wall. Yay! Everyone loved it and continues to comment on it whenever they come over. Probably because it’s a hugenormous map taking up the whole wall. Then the weather changed and it got Utah-hot. So Chris hooked up the swamp cooler so we wouldn’t all die. Then it got not so hot so we turned off the swamp cooler. What does this have to do with the map? Well the swamp cooler is right next to the map, so the map soaked up some swampiness. Then when we turned it off it expelled said swampiness and started to bubble and whatnot and now basically it’s ruined. Yeah. I mean falling of the wall, peeling off the poster board ruined. There goes $50 or so down the drain.


map 002

map 003^^Look how sad and bubbly it is

The moral? A white wall isn’t so bad. And if you can’t find the right thing…just wait until you do.The good news is I found the map I had wanted in the first place at a poster sale at BYU for 5 bucks so now I can make the project I had been planning to make all along.

So now for you (if you made it through the story of the maps) I present the awesome “Places you Wanna Go” Map.

map 004

I love how the map can be separated because it’s on separate tiles. It can take up as little or as much room as you want. It’s perfect for someone who moves a lot (college student) because it’s not big and it can be stored easily.

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A Book Nook

I have wanted a library in my house, pretty much since I saw Beauty and the Beast. I just love how incredible it feels to walk into a room full of books and hunger to devour each one. Evelyn and I went on a walk to our local library the other day and I just get giddy walking inside. It has that musty book smell that is somehow so euphoric and there is just shelf after shelf of possibilities.

I love to walk down each aisle and take my time scanning each book. Being the (basically teenage) girl that I am, I am drawn to bright colored covers with funky fonts. Whoever said not to judge a book by it’s cover has never had the opportunity to go to the library and find something to read with anything to go on. So yes, I will choose that book whose title is in curly handwriting and is bright yellow with a fun drawing on the front. It’s Summer and I want an easy-read, pool book.

But I digress. I’m pretty sure once our house is finished I may actually get my library! It won’t to be up to the Beauty and the Beast par but hopefully by our final house (you know the one we live in till we die) I’ll get to work my way up to an amazing library full of books and I’ll be so old by that point that I’ll just lie on the chaise lounge and fall asleep and dream of what might be between the covers.

I loved this Huffington Post article about Book Shelfies (a selfie with your bookshelf? yeah that’s stupid) on deciding how you would organize your books.

By order of publication

Personal significance


By height


By color

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DIY Bench Cushion Tutorial & Ikea Hack

cushion 001In our old apartment we had very limited seating, so we bought this entertainment center from Ikea:


Chris didn’t put the legs on or shelves in it but instead put on some wheels. That way when we were eating in front of the TV we could wheel it over and use it as a makeshift table. The only problem was that it didn’t look much like a place to sit. It needed cushions.

I scoured stores looking for cushions and couldn’t find anything in a pattern or color that I liked, so I decided to make my own.

I almost bought the foam at Joann’s where you could have them cut it to the size you want but it turned out to be much cheaper to buy the pre-cut and prepackaged foam at Hobby Lobby. I also found the fabric that I loved there. Then, at Home Depot I bought the cheapest plywood and had them cut it to the right size for me (no extra charge) and also got a staple gun. I really loved how it turned out and they’re pretty comfortable to sit on too.





Staple gun and Staples


Ruler and pencil

Hot Glue Gun

cushion 002

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Nursery for multiple children

nursery collage

We finally finished Evelyn’s room and I have to say, I am loving that this room is functional now. It makes the house seem so much bigger. The room is a bit eclectic in terms of color scheme. But it works for her temporary nursery until we finish upstairs. Then I’ll decorate it in a put together, planned sort of fashion, but for now this works.

It’s a small room but it’s a perfect setup for anyone who needs a nursery for children of multiple ages. For now it will work as a guest room with a craft closet.

Take a look at the before and afters:

nursery 001

nursery 002


^^here the carpet has been replaced but we haven’t finished the walls yet

nursery 009

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A Bedroom fit for Paradise

bedroom 001

A poor girl has to make a house feel homey somehow. Even if it means making everything myself. Now that I’m living in Hawaii and sharing a house with other people I don’t really have the luxury of decorating the whole house. So instead I put all my good skills to work on our teeny tiny little bedroom. What I came up with is a bedroom fit for paradise.

I got a mirror and a shelf to hang on the wall and bought a little memo board and then did the rest myself.

bedroom 002

bedroom 003

The walls looked a little bare, even with the things I hung up, so I decided to fill in the cracks with one of those toilet paper roll creations. If you haven’t heard of them, I’m sure this sounds pretty crazy. But this is what they look like.


bedroom 005

These are super easy to make! Just fold a toilet paper or paper towel roll until it is flat. Then cut it into relatively even sized pieces. After that you can just arrange the pieces in whichever way you like. I used wood glue to put them together because it’s all I had laying around. But I’m sure that regular craft glue would work too. So that I could glue more than one flower together at one time, I used bobby pins and clothes pins to hold the individual pieces together while they were drying. When I was done, I just spray painted them with metallic black paint. Viola! Click here for a detailed tutorial.

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