5 Reasons I loved my natural birth center birth

I know I promised natural birth center birth details, but first a quick update on my growing baby girl:

two month 001

My sweet angel grows bigger by the moment it seems. She’s about 2 1/2 months now. At her 2 month appointment she was 9 lbs 7 oz. She’s just teeny.

two month 002

She still takes a lot of naps during the day but when she’s awake she’s so playful. She’s turning into such a little person with the cutest personality. Before she only randomly smiled like it was a facial tick but now when I talk to her and I smile, she smiles back and tries to giggle sometimes. It’s heart melting stuff people.

two month 003

She sleeps really well at night. She only wakes up once to eat and since I’ve mastered nursing while horizontal in bed I barely have to even wake up. The hardest part is going to be when Evie stops sleeping with us and we put her on her own bed. Not as hard for her as it is for us. We love cuddling with her and we don’t have to go far to ensure that she’s ok.

And now, as promised,

5 Reasons I Loved My Natural Birth Center Birth

1. It was all about me.

Since this is my first baby, I’ve obviously never given birth in a hospital. But from stories I’ve heard and read, I’ve deduced that you don’t feel like everyone is at your beck and call.

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