How to Host a Jamberry Party


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Welcome friend. Today on Bossy Jocie we will delve into the exciting world that is Jamberry nail wraps. Before we get started, a brief questionnaire that will help you decide your future with Jamberry.


001 Are you physically or do you identify as or with a female??

002 If you answered no to 001, have you ever met a female??

003 Do you enjoy looking your best??

004 Do you have hands??

005 Do you have feet?

If you answered any of the questions above, GREAT NEWS! Jamberry is for you, my friend!


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Jamberry nail wraps are gorgeous wraps for your fingernails and toenails. They are applied with heat and pressure and last for two weeks (up to 6 on toes) without chipping or dry time! They have approximately a bajillion designs (including a collection by Disney, WHAT?!) so there is something for everyone. PLUS, this is huge, you can design your own wraps!! Need I say more?

So are you ready to delve into this Jamberry journey but don’t know where to get started? Why not throw a Jamberry party!

Uhm what?

A Jamberry Party!

A Jamberry party can be online (Facebook) or in home. Your party will include games, prizes, demos and even freebies for you and your friends.

Reasons to host a Jamberry party:

  • Girls night in
  • Spa night
  • Get ready for an event
  • Bridal party or gift for bridesmaids
  • Birthday party (there are wraps for tiny fingers too!)
  • Just because you want to!

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To host an in-home Jamberry party it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

001 Invite your friends and tell them how fun it will be!

002 Straighten your house and make some snacks.

003 Hang out and play games while I do demos and give out prizes!

BONUS! Get rewards from all the orders from your party!


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To host an online Jamberry Party it’s as easy as having a computer or smart phone:

001 Invite your friends to the Facebook page

002 Comment on my posts and tag your friends

003 Post pics of your favorite wraps

BONUS! Get rewards from all the orders from your party!

Have Questions?

5 Beauty products I’m Obsessing Over

Being a girl is so great sometimes. Sometimes it sucks, but it can be super awesome too. Like one of my favorite parts is getting to get all dolled up and pamper myself. I just love products. I’m a total product person (I even like the word. Weird or no?)

So today I thought I’d share with you some of my favorites, or to clarify:

5 Beauty Products I’m Totally Obsessing Over

001 Jamberry nail wraps

 You guys, these things are incredible. If you follow me on social media, you’ve probably seen my post pictures of my many manicures. I love having a great looking mani but don’t really have time or money to go get my nails done. When I try to do it myself with polish, it takes forever and I end up smudging it before it dries or it starts chipping within a couple days.

Jamberry nail wraps don’t have to dry, don’t chip and can be done without a steady hand (Not like painting with your non-dominant hand). They’re heat and pressure activated and last for two whole weeks while staying flawless!

 I’m so obsessed! I was buying so many of them that I decided to bite the bullet and join the company as a consultant to save a few extra bucks. So if you wanna try them out, let me know!

002 Purple Shampoo

purple shampoo

This past fall I went super blonde, toned white. I really wanted it to look icey and get rid of those brass yellow tones. This shampoo does the trick like nobody’s business. Every time I use it, my hair looks like I’ve just gotten the color redone. I don’t know if the brand really matters here, I got the generic version of shimmer lights and it’s fabulous.

003 Revlon Colorstay Whipped foundation


I’m a drugstore foundation girl all the way and this stuff is the best I’ve ever found. My complexion isn’t wonderful and this foundation has full coverage. I put it on with an urban decay foundation brush that just buffs it onto my skin and it stays looking smooth and perfect all day long.

The pot runs out faster than a liquid foundation but since I’m only paying a drugstore price for it, I don’t even mind.

004 Maybelline the Falisies Push Up Drama Mascara


Once again with the drugstore products, I know, but seriously. My all time favorite mascara is Perversion by Urban Decay but at $25 a pop it’s not a frequent splurge. This mascara rivals Perversion and, dare I say, I almost like it better. It seriously makes my eyelashes look like falsies which is way easier than actually putting falsies on.

005 Big Sexy Hair Powder Play

powder play

This stuff is incredible. I have really fine hair that doesn’t really like to do volume but just a couple shakes of this and I look like I’ve just had a professional blow out. It may seem a tad pricey but a little goes a long way! I’ve been using the same one for almost two years and it’s not showing signs of running out yet.

You just pull up a section of hair by your part, sprinkle some on, use your fingertips to rub it in and VOILA! It’s some kind of magic forreal. I’m obsessed. I especially love using it in between days that I wash my hair. It helps revive it and hide a little greasiness, although it is NOT a dry shampoo.


There you have it! Some of my favorite products right now. What are you loving that I should try? I’m always open to suggestions.