37 Weeks Pregnant & Nautical Baby Shower

37 week collage

How far along? 37 weeks

Maternity clothes? Absolutely. There is really no other way. I’m as big as a house. Although if I had my way, I would never wear clothes. Nothing is comfortable.

Best moment this week: SO many great things this week–

Getting slowly settled in upstairs has been so exciting. I have gone from spending every day hanging out on the couch and chillin’ to working on moving and organizing and sometimes painting. It’s a tad exhausting but I’m just so eager to feel all moved in and ready before the baby comes.

I had a super fun girls night this week. A few friends and I went to see Age of Adeline. It was so good! But more than the movie, I just had fun hanging out with friends without Evelyn. It was nice to feel like I was more than just a mom.

I have been combing indoor yard sale sites on Facebook, online classifieds and yard sales and I have gotten some KILLER deals! I’m pretty proud of myself. I’ve gotten couches, end tables and coffee table and mattresses (plus some toys for baby girl and clothes for baby boy).

One of the best parts of this week was my baby shower! See more on this at the bottom.

Also, (this is technically onto week 38 but it just happened Sunday so whatevs) Evelyn stayed in nursery at church by herself for all three hours!! It was so amazing to be able to actually go to class with Chris. In other news, Chris and I should not be allowed to sit next to each other in Sunday school. Turns out that without the burden of parenthood, we act like teenagers. We were passing notes back and forth and giggling like schoolchildren. I love my husband.

Miss anything? Sleep. Sleeping has been absolutely miserable. I get so tired that all I want is a nap or to go to bed at night but I cannot get comfortable and then I wake up with a sore back, hips, and legs. I’m in agony.

Movement: Yep. It’s fun to just watch my belly move on it’s own. It’s kinda creepy…but cool at the same time.

Food cravings: I don’t think I’ve really had any cravings but now that we have a new fridge with an ice and water maker thingy, I’ve been LOVING crushed ice. My teeth will probably not thank me.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.

Worst symptom: Back pain and waddling.

Have you started to show yet: Why yes, yes I have.

Gender: It’s a boy!

Belly Button in or out? Out.

Wedding rings on or off? I’ve officially stopped wearing them. I’m done with rings.

Happy or Moody most of the time: You know I’ve been pretty dang happy despite everything. Not to say I haven’t had some mood swings but living upstairs has changed my whole demeanor. I’m actually cooking and keeping the kitchen clean without complaint! I guess something about having such a pretty kitchen is motivation to keep it clean and pretty.

Looking forward to: I have super mixed feelings. I’m really looking forward to having this baby and meeting him and cuddling him and loving him. However, I’m feeling really anxious that things aren’t ready for him. And I’m feeling surprisingly anxious about labor, namely pushing. I think it’s because I roughly remember the 2.5 hrs of pushing from last time. I wasn’t at all nervous leading up to Evelyn’s labor but this one has me worried. I need to do some more hypnobabies to prep. And then there’s the whole taking care of two kids thing…that’s a tad daunting.

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