Sunset Maternity photo shoot

mat shoot 006

As you may remember, I have already had a maternity photo shoot. But my sister-in-law, Kensie M Photography, is in town to take our birth photos and she insisted on doing some maternity pics too. As much as I just LOVE having my picture taken, I’ll admit that doing maternity pictures shortly (as in days) before you have the baby isn’t as much fun.

For one thing I felt absolutely enormous and uncomfortable and super not cute. But somehow the photos still turned out beautiful. The gorgeous sunset might have helped out with that to some extent. And Chris even got to be in a few shots.

For this maternity photo shoot I decided to keep the belly covered up, mainly because it’s so dang huge. I also tried to keep my accessories simple because, once again, big belly over takes everything.

mat shoot 001

mat shoot 002

mat shoot 003

mat shoot 004

mat shoot 005

mat shoot 006

mat shoot 007

mat shoot 008

mat shoot 009

mat shoot 010

mat shoot 011

mat shoot 012