How to sneak food into a movie theater

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Chris and I have this little game we play. We LOVE to see what different, random kinds of food that we can sneak into the movie theater. So far, we have snuck in:

  • A quart of ice cream
  • A container of frosting
  • Bottles of soda
  • A Chili’s Cheeseburger
  • Full fast food meals including drinks
  • Milkshakes
  • Your typical boxes of candy

So now for your movie watching enjoyment…a little tutorial on how to sneak food into a movie theater.

Step 1: Pick the appropriate purse to contain your food of choice.

sneak 1

Too big and obvious…I mean heck, it’s practically a suitcase.^^

sneak 2

Way too small. Unless you’re going for just a little candy, this is not the right choice.^^

sneak 3


Big enough to hide all sorts of food, sturdy enough for drinks or milkshakes to stand up as long as you don’t do any crazy dancing or trip, an average size of purse that many people carry so you don’t have to worry about anyone being suspicious.

**Tip** It’s really important to actually bring a purse. Chris and I once tried to sneak in several bags of candy, bottles of soda, a bag of chips and a container of frosting and I didn’t bring a purse. Now, granted we did make it into the theater without getting caught but I’m not exactly sure how we did. We looked very awkwardly bulky. Chris had bottles of soda in each back pocket, I was holding the frosting with my coat draped over my arms so you couldn’t see and we had candy and chips stuffed into pockets. It was awkward. I don’t recommend it.

Step 2: Pick a snack that you’re craving and place into previously chosen purse.



sneak 4

sneak 5

For this particular example I was craving frozen yogurt, plus I wanted something that wasn’t very fattening but still delicious. It’s good that I chose a sturdy purse because it’s important to keep them standing up in your bag so nothing accidentally spills.

P.S. Don’t put anything else in your purse except maybe a wallet. That way you can pull out the wallet, proving your not hiding anything in your purse, but still have plenty of room for the snacks you’re hiding.

Step 3: Be super duper sneaky!

sneak 6

Step 4: Sit down in the Movie Theater and pull out your snack in shining victory and Enjoy!



sneak 7



There you have it folks. Now go get you a purse and some snacks and get your butt to a movie theater!

What are you still doing here, reading this? GO! GO! GO!