Remington’s Baby Blessing

This photo pretty much sums up Remi’s blessing day:

blessing 001


With Evelyn we waited until she was 3 months old to bless her. She didn’t even go to church for the first month or so of her life because germs and whatnot. But for Remi we decided to bless him at only 1 week old since so much of our family would be in town.

The morning was a bit stressful. It was my first time trying to get everyone out of the house on a time table. Both Remi and Evelyn needed a bath and I wanted to get a picture of our little family before we left for church because I knew that after church it we wouldn’t look nearly so put together. I didn’t realize that everyone would have a meltdown before church…maybe after church would have been better.


blessing 002


^^This was the best shot of the morning. At least Evelyn isn’t crying and she’s actually looking at the camera!

We got to church minutes before it started. Chris took Remi and I rushed off to change Evelyn’s newly soiled diaper. I was already feeling pretty anxious and self conscious about making a public appearance so soon after giving birth (I don’t know how Princess Kate does it!) and all the rushing around to be seated in time was stressing me out.

The baby blessing is pretty early on in the meeting so we didn’t have to keep the kids happy for too long. Evelyn poured out her bag of toys and went to town on the floor in front of our pew. But when Chris went up to the stand with Remi for the blessing, she lost it. She kept yelling for daddy and crying. I did my best to keep her contained but all she wanted was daddy who was preoccupied with the new baby.

The chapel was silent as the blessing started, well silent except for my daughter. I tried my best to listen to the words and nearly missed Evelyn escaping our pew and booking it up to the stand to see her dad. I tried to have her sit down again but her shrieking was stressing me out and I couldn’t stand the thought that everyone else in the chapel was being distracted from what should have been a spiritual moment.

I yanked Evelyn outside into the sunshine where she immediately calmed down. I couldn’t hear the blessing. I was missing my son’s one and only baby blessing. I just stood there and watched Evelyn play in the grass and cried. And then I cried some more.

The stress and anxiety and overwhelming-ness of having just had a kid was just too much for me. I composed myself enough to head back inside and sat down next to Chris and Remi. He leaned over and asked if I was able to hear any of the blessing. I couldn’t stop the tears from streaming down my face as I shook my head no.

A moment or two later someone in the pew behind us handed up a sheet of notebook paper. She had transcribed the whole blessing. My heart was so warmed as I read through the words. And naturally, I started crying again. Those birth hormones are just great I tell you.

blessing 003


I skipped out on the rest of church and headed home with Remi, leaving Evelyn with Chris. I needed some quiet time to just decompress before all of our family came back to our house. It was only a couple short hours later that 13 people trickled into the house. I was able to keep myself composed for our visitors but it was a rough day. Thank goodness for the kind woman who wrote down the blessing.


Super ready to be done with the fourth trimester and all these crazy hormones.

blessing 004


On a happier note, I was so stoked to find this little blessing outfit for him. (Okay…my mom is actually the one who found it). I had no idea what baby boys were supposed to be blessed in and all the white suits I could find were so fussy. They were made of some satin type material and had like pants, a vest, a shirt, a bow tie and a jacket. Too much suit for such a little guy.

Chris tried to convince me that we should just bless him in Evelyn’s dress. Uhm what? He’s a boy. He insisted that he was blessed in a dress. I’m sorry but my boy will not a wear a dress thank you very much.

We picked this adorable little outfit up at Dressed in White and it was just the right amount of suit and adorable for our needs. I mean, just look at that little chunk!