{Pregnancy} Week 35

wk 35

^^Free Chik-fil-a day

How far along?  35 Weeks

Total weight gain? a thousand-y

Maternity clothes? Oh yeah…and they’re getting small, or I’m getting huge.

Stretch Marks? not yet..

Best moment this week? Mm it’s been a pretty stressful week

Miss anything? Everything.

Movement? I’m pretty sure she’s dancing in there.

Food Cravings: I LOVE cake.

Anything making you sick or queasy? Not really.

Worst symptom: Heartburn and hip pain.

Labor signs: No, not even braxton hicks contractions.

Belly button in or out? Out: flat.

Wedding rings on or off? Off.

Happy or Moody most of the time? So much moodiness. I don’t remember what happy feels like.

Looking forward to: Not being pregnant anymore.

Baby girl won’t stop growing, which I guess is a good thing but I feel the size of a house. She is now the size of a coconut. Can you believe I’m going to continue to get bigger?! Whenever Chris sees my belly all he can say, with you wide eyes, is, “that’s incredible.”