How to cope with PVD

You’ve just had the most fabulous week ignoring real life and focusing on amusement. You ate decadent food and didn’t stress about exercising. You relaxed and didn’t worry about chores or work. The only time you checked your email was to see your online shopping receipts. But now it’s all come to an end. You are back home with a suitcase full of dirty laundry and an empty fridge.

Immediately you are thrown back into the mundane tasks you left behind and they have piled up because of your absence and suddenly it hits you like a ton of bricks right in the gut:

Post Vacation Depression

Oh, it is real my friend, and it sucks. There was no easing back into things. It was peaceful bliss to boring chores overload in 2.5 or less. So when you wake up in your own bed for the first time in 7 days and feel that cloud of overwhelming despair creep upon you, do not fret. I’m gonna help you through this. And by tomorrow, you’ll feel ready to tackle everything that life throws at you. Fo reals.


How to Cope with PVD

001 Step one happens before you even go on your trip. When you’re taking your days off of work or whatever else you have to do in preparation for you trip, plan one extra day after you get home for extended vacation. You could also just come back on the weekend and take a weekend day to recoup. If you are a parent of children that will need to be taken places, try to make other arrangements for them so you can guiltlessly relax.

002 Next we’re gonna skip ahead to your trip home. This might be a flight, drive, train ride, etc. You need to mentally prepare yourself for what you’re coming home to. If you left your house in shambles, be prepared for that and don’t freak out. Remember, your vacation isn’t over yet. Remind yourself of that and tell yourself that you will continue to live out of that suitcase for the next day. If you tell yourself now that you don’t need to do your chores, it will be easier when you are actually home.

003 This last step is crucial. Your first morning after your vacation is officially over, roll out of bed whenever you feel like it. And this the important part: DON’T DO ANYTHING ALL DAY LONG. Don’t work out, don’t eat healthy, don’t unpack, don’t clean anything. Just veg out. Read a book, watch endless amounts of TV and only get off the couch to go to the bathroom or answer the door for take-out.


By day two at home you will most likely feel sick of all the sitting around you were doing the day before and you’ll be ready to conquer the day. Go ahead and let yourself unpack and catch up on laundry. Yes, you can go to the grocery store now but it won’t be awful or miserable. You planned for it and now you feel refreshed and relaxed and super pleased at your 8 day long vacation.

You earned it, girl!