Exploring Philadelphia

This is the third in a series of posts about our 5th anniversary vacation. View the first post on Maryland here, and the second post on Washington DC here.

000 header

Our day trip to Philadelphia was honestly the highlight of my trip. The original plan was to go to New York City for the day but after our exhausting afternoon in DC and the prospect of 6 hours of travel time round trip, Chris wasn’t too crazy on the idea. I was super disappointed at first, but looking back on how great our day was I don’t even mind that it was spent in Philadelphia instead of NYC.

001 bridge

I did a little research the night before and had a long list of places I wanted to try and see while we were in town. Philadelphia is obviously a really historic city but not being a big history buff myself, I really wanted to do some other ‘fun’ things besides just taking a history class. But Chris took a look at my list with a loud groan. He is the history buff kind of guy and wanted to take advantage of being in such a historic city.

Free Activities

002 liberty bell

Much like DC, there was a lot of free stuff to do. We took a quick walk through the Liberty Bell museum, got a pic of the bell and moved along to Independence Hall. I still don’t really get the big significance of the Liberty Bell.

004 independence hall

You have to get tickets for the tour at Independence Hall but they’re free. You just pick them up at the information center across from the Liberty Bell. The tour was actually pretty cool. I liked our tour guide and surprisingly I wasn’t bored even though my attention span and interest level is similar to that of a 15 year old girl.

003 philly

^^This is where the magic happened. Washington sat in that chair at the front

The US Mint (where they make money) is right across the street and also free, but we decided to skip out on that one.

005 philly


006 philly


^^Those are all individual tiles

I read about a cool mosaic mural on the other side of the street that was made by Tiffany Studios and convinced Chris that we should take a look. It was only a 5 minute detour but I thought it was well worth it.

015 philly

Our last free activity of the day was Elfreth’s Alley. It’s the oldest inhabited residential street in the nation. As much as I don’t really love historical tours, I love historical buildings and homes. The walk to the alley was almost as cool as the street of homes itself. I regretted that I only had my iPhone to take pictures.

011 philly

012 philly

017 philly

018 philly

013 doors


^^I was seriously obsessing over all the cool doors

National Constitution Center

009 philly

The National Constitution Center was the only thing we paid for, besides lunch and parking, and it was the thing Chris really wanted to do. If I had to do the trip again, I probably would have skipped it and visited the Betsy Ross house instead. Heck, for the price I would have rather driven to the Rocky statue.

007 philly

008 philly


^^Chillin’ with Washington in signer’s hall. Dude was tall.

Tickets were $14.50 each! But Chris wanted to do it. There was a pretty big walk-through interactive museum area: The Story of We the People, Signer’s Hall which has 42 bronzed statues of the signers of the constitution and a Jackie O photo exhibit. But my absolute favorite part was the 17 minute show called Freedom Rising. It was a very moving portrayal of our country’s founding and history. I was brought to tears.

Was it worth $29? No. But if your husband really wants to go at least you can feel good about getting to see the show.

010 philly

^^I was enjoying taking random pictures on our walk through the city

But the thing that made this trip so wonderful was getting to do it without Evelyn. Don’t get me wrong, I love that little girl but it was nice to have a whole day just the two of us before we turn into four. For once I didn’t have to share Chris’ attention with Evelyn. I’m a jealous girl. And I felt good knowing that she was being taken of by my wonderful aunt.