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Have you ever had a problem that is annoying but you didn’t realize how much it bothers you until you have a solution for it? That’s what Pairings did for me.

An old coworker and friend of mine founded this company and I am just blown away by the product.

What is Pairings? I’m glad you asked.


Pairings are these little plastic type things that keep your earrings together. So simple, yet so incredibly helpful.

I have a really cool jewelry holder that has a place for me to hang my dangly earrings but all my studs are left in a pile in my jewelry box. I am constantly digging through them to find the matches which is especially frustrating when I’m in a hurry. Pairings keep all my earrings matched and together, making it easy to grab and go.

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They’ve also offered a solution to a problem I didn’t realize I had. I’ve lost several pairs of earrings by taking them off at night and leaving them on my nightstand where they inexplicably end up crawling away in the middle of the night and burying themselves somewhere in my room. I’ve started leaving a Pairing on my nightstand for those evenings when I inevitably take off my earrings as I’m going to bed.


I’ve also been leaving a Pairing in my purse for the days when I wear super uncomfortable earrings and can’t make it through the rest of the day while wearing them. Pairings makes it so they don’t get lost in the depths of my purse.


And let’s talk travel. I use a little makeup bag to pack up all my jewelry when I’m headed off for a vacay. As has been the theme with this post, I spend an annoying amount of time, after I’ve reached my destination, digging around for matching earrings. About half of that time is spent in fear that I’ve somehow lost one of the pair. With Pairings, that’s not a problem anymore. I used them on my trip to Disneyland a couple of weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised at the organized outcome.


The best part is, they’re super affordable. A single package is only $9.95 and contains 10 Pairings. The more you buy at once, the cheaper they are per package!

So I guess what I’m saying is, I love this product and highly recommend it to anyone who is tired of digging around to find matching earrings and would rather spend that time doing something more productive. You know, like mastering winged liquid liner or re-watching The Office (Okay, maybe that’s just me.)

You can check out the company at and snag some for yourself!

*Note: I did receive a complimentary package of Pairings but all opinions in the post are my own.