{That one time} My story fell apart

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For those of you who don’t actually want to read my hilarious witty remarks, I put the video at the top to save you from the carpal tunnel that you would inevitably get if you had to scroll all the way to the bottom to watch it.

For the rest of you, I daresay this second go round was more difficult than the first. This time I didn’t have an advanced reporter helping me. Plus the professor I was going to interview as my professional on the topic wasn’t available and so my story fell apart a little bit.

CUE: Me bawling

CUE CHRIS THINKING: She’s gonna have to quit.

CUE MY INCREDIBLE MOTHER: La La La I have the answers!

My awesome mom gave me a little motivational speech (It looks like I’m going to need one of those weekly. Good thing my dad will be in town next week) and directed me towards another source I could use for my story. Thankfully the woman I called was super sweet (or super excited to be on tv) and helped me set up a whole interview and I got some great B roll.

beauty 4

My main interview took me all the way to the University of Utah and with rush hour by the time the interview was over it was dark outside….which meant that I couldn’t get any more B roll. So I pretty much just had to hope that there were some stories in the archives that had footage that I could use.

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College Study Printables!

I was talking to my favorite Aunt the other day and she was giving my the DL on my cute cousin who just started college. Of course she’s not that much younger than me, but those couple years between us (and the whole me being married thing) makes me feel like I should take her under my wing and give her some invaluable college study advice.

And I figured there are plenty of college students that are otherwise afflicted and are having a difficult time studying and keeping up with their grades, so those students could probably benefit from my invaluable college study advice too!

Then, I realized that no one wants to just a read a bunch of words with advice that they should follow. It’s all about the packaging. So I made these adorable college study printables.

College survival tips

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{That one time} I interviewed Spongebob

spongebob header

As a journalism student, today I had to turn in my first story for my reporting class. For those of you who are unaware, my reporting class is not just a class, we actually produce a news show. Thankfully our first story got to be for practice and so it wasn’t aired today. Although I must say, I’m pretty proud of how my story turned out.

This particular adventure really starts on Wednesday at 12:45 at the story meeting.

CUE: Wednesday, classroom, 12:45, me prepared with two stories to pitch.

CUE PROF CURTIS: Who has to run to a 1 o’clock class?

CUE: My hand raising

CUE PROF CURTIS: Alright Jocelyn, Let’s start with you.

CUE: Dry mouth, sweaty palms, butterflies fluttering around knots in stomach…

Story 1: TSA has released new guidelines for children so that they won’t have to take off their shoes and they won’t get patted down as often.

CUE PROF CURTIS: Yeah TSA isn’t going to talk to you.

Story 2: A new study just came out that said that certain shows are bad for a child’s brain so I…

CUE PROF CURTIS: I like Spongebob. Alright who’s next?

(Just to clarify, the study was based on kids reactions after watching SpongeBob, my teacher doesn’t have tourettes or anything.)

And that was that.

CUE: Sitting down in  my 1 o’clock Russian class to take my first 200 level Russian exam

CUE: Me unable to hold back tears (of nervousness?? Frustration??)

CUE: Me determining that college and a degree is useless and I should drop out….Until

CUE CHRIS WORDS OF WISDOM: Babe, all you have to do is make it through today, then we can look at our options.

And from that I was off to get my interviews and B Roll for my story.

spongebob 2

My first stop was Dr. Clyde Robinson’s office. Dr. Robinson is a professor of child development and was kind enough to not only interview with me, but he made a powerpoint just for me to explain the specific effects of fast paced cartoons on a child’s brain.

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Personal Manifesto


personal manifesto

In light of recent events I have been thinking a lot lately and school doesn’t even start for another week. Ha but no really……I have been thinking about life. Watch out fellas, I’m about to get deep.

I have been alive for 20 years 7 months and 4 days ( and some hours and minutes). I could be gone from this life at any minute. I’m not trying to be morbid, it just honestly makes me think:

what have i done in my life that is worth anything??

have I made the most of every moment?

If I died today or tomorrow or even next week, would I look back and be happy with the life that I lived? I know that I am young and I still have time to live all my dreams, but what if I don’t? What if today was my last day? This is coming across a little more depressing than I had intended. The truth is, I don’t think I have lived my life as full as I could have. I don’t think I have made the most of every single day.

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Colorful Rustic Bathroom Decor


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So being the poor married college student that I am and also having the desire to have a pretty house, I have been finding cute decorations that I like and making my own version of them so it doesn’t cost nearly as much money. Plus it has my own personal flair.

I started with our half bath. There’s so much woodwork in here that I thought it would be cute if I made it feel kind of woodsy, and rustic so I went with rustic bathroom decor. But I’m a colorful person, so of course everything was bright with my own colorful flair.

bathroom 1


I got lucky and found an amazing sale at Michael’s for paint (0.29 a pop) and the rest of my materials have been things I found or already owned (For the most part).

I’ve got this great handy man of a husband who likes to collect random pieces of wood. Plus my aunt has a very large wood pile in her back yard for fire wood so I had a lot to work with.

bathroom 2


I found the pine cones in the back yard and I already had the vases. It took forever to paint the pine cones because I didn’t have enough paint to dip them so I did them all by hand with a paint brush. Luckily because they are all on top of each other in vases they didn’t have to be perfect so only one coat was necessary.

bathroom 3



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{That one time} I put a kitten in my purse

Have you ever done something that seemed like a really good idea at the time and then turned out to be a really bad idea?? Well this is a story about how I did that one time (one time…ha). And it’s called:












and it looks a little something like this:

figaro 1

Now where to begin??? At the beginning, naturally. On a cold day in January all the way in Frankfurt, Germany I pushed myself into the world. (Well more accurately I was pushed…) Okay Okay maybe that was a little too far back. Lets start instead on July, 25, a holiday celebrated in Utah as Pioneer Day.

Chris’ cousin and his cousin’s brother in law were over playing computer games all day. Woo. I was less than excited. I made it to the gym, watched a little tv, but honestly I was feeling a little neglected. My best friend Alena was still out of town for the summer so I really didn’t have anything fun to do. At one point I decided that I wanted to be artsy and so I headed to Michael’s to get some paint. The Michael’s in Orem is right near Walmart so Chris asked me to go get a new computer game for him and the guys to play. woo.

So after getting a GREAT deal on paint (0.29 a bottle!!!), I headed over to Walmart to look for their computer game. And what did I see as I pulled into the Walmart parking lot???? Two people sitting on the lawn with a box and on the side it said:

Sidebar: I’m living in my aunt’s very nice home and she doesn’t want me to have any sort of animal that could relieve themselves or scratch up the carpet.

I drove past the sign and parked but I couldn’t stop thinking about the cute little kittens who needed a home. I called Chris to find out what the title of the game was,

Chris: “Heeyyy Babbyy”

Jocelyn: “Hey”

Chris: “Are you there yet”

Jocelyn: “Yeah I’m walking back to the electronics right now…guess what was outside?!”

Chris: “What?”

Jocelyn: “Kittens!”

Chris: “Your aunt would never know…”

Jocelyn: “You think?”

Chris: “Nahh”

If only he had been paying attention to what he was saying while he was playing his game.

“Alright,” I thought to myself, “If they cost money, I won’t get one.”

So I drove up to the nice people with the kittens sign and saw three of the most adorable kittens I had ever seen in my existence. I couldn’t wipe the goofy grin off my face.

“Want a kitten?” The man said.

“YES!” Was my overly enthusiastic answer.

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{That one time} I got married


wedding day header

I woke up in the hotel room before anyone else; Mom, Dad, and Maddie were still fast asleep. I was strangely calm considering that activities that the day held. I quietly retrieved my face wash from the shower and stood at the sink peering at my reflection in the mirror.

“I don’t look any different, ” I thought to myself.

And I didn’t. I looked like the same 19 year old girl who went to bed last night in a small hotel in Salt Lake City. Several minutes passed before there was a knock on the door. It was Heather, my hairdresser, looking beautiful and alert despite the early hour. We crossed the hall to my Aunt Darla’s hotel room and I sat quietly in a chair in front of the mirror as Heather started to curl and pin my hair into the beautiful design we had practiced only weeks earlier. She asked me questions about my excitement and nervousness, but I don’t remember my responses. I remember having a very clear mind and not thinking much of anything. Maybe it was too much to comprehend that early in the morning.

Slowly, everyone else in the three hotel rooms that my family occupied started to wake up. At some point my dad went downstairs into the lobby to buy me breakfast since the Shiloh Inn didn’t offer a free continental one. I don’t remember what the Styrofoam container consisted of when he brought it back upstairs because I didn’t eat any of it. My stomach was already full. Of butterflies I suppose.

Finally Heather finished my hair and it looked perfect, better than it did the day we practiced. It was exactly what I wanted. Then Aunt Darla got to work on my face. Not long after she started my make up, Chris got to the hotel. Maybe he was anxious because he was surprisingly early. But he waited very patiently because I wasn’t good for much conversation. That darn clear head of mine didn’t seem to come up with anything to say.

Chris and I drove to the temple together, our last few moments as truly separate people. I don’t remember what we talked about. That is until Chris realized that he didn’t have his temple recommend (a card that says he is worthy to enter the temple). After a little bit of panic he realized that it was in the pocket of his suit coat which he had lent to his cousin to wear for the day. A couple frantic phone calls resulted in success…we just had to wait for his dad to bring it to him. We sat at the front of the temple on a bench watching our wedding guests file in as we waited for Chris’ temple recommend.

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{That one time} I went on the heritage tour

This past weekend Chris and I met up with some of my extended family in California. After spending two very full days at DisneyLand we had what my mom referred to as,

heritage tour header


The Heritage Tour

Although most of my mom’s family has moved away from her hometown in Torrance, California there are still some places very near and dear to her heart that she wanted to share with me and my younger sister.

All Aboard the Heritage Tour. First Stop: Mom’s Home Ward

On Sunday we went to the church my mom attended while she was growing up. Surprisingly there were still a few people there who had known her as a young girl. I got to meet her Beehive adviser (her Sunday School teacher when she was 12 years old)! I know we all know our parents used to be young at one point in time, but to meet someone (other than a relative) who knew her when she was that young was incredible. I don’t even remember who my beehive adviser was and I’m sure she doesn’t remember me. My mom was able to walk up to this woman who recognized her and remembered her as a trouble making twelve year old (imagine..my mother…a trouble maker. ha.)  and they could reminisce. Although they were not blood relatives they knew each other like a family. I’ve enjoyed moving my whole life, and sometimes it was fun when our ward split and we got to meet new people, but looking on the relationships my mom has created with people who know her family and their history, I kind of wish I had that in my life.

My mom’s old college roommate showed up as a surprise…they also grew up together. I loved listening to her talk to my Grandma about when she was a kid. She said how she felt like my Grandma was a second mother to her, when people came to her house they became one of the family. She remembered how my Grandma’s house was always full of kids, besides her own 5, and if the kids were doing chores you did chores. If you stayed for dinner you cleaned your dish like everyone else. If you were there, you were immediately accepted as one of the kids. It’s things like that, that my Grandma will be blessed for. It’s an example I hope to follow when I have children of my own.

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Morning and Night: Poetry

I don’t write poetry very often but sometimes something random will inspire me and I just can’t help myself. When I wrote these, it just happened to be an early morning storm and a starry night. They seemed to compliment each other nicely.


dance of the trees header


I woke up this morning to watch the trees dance

Each one moving to the bass in the sky.

I watched as they shook their leaves in excitement;

Some drooped their branches and appeared to cry.


With arms outstretched they swayed back and forth,

They reached out to the tree by their side

And in perfect time the trees switched direction

Each leaf along for the ride.

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This is Me.

So before we get started on my current life, I thought I’d start out with a little introduction. It’s called:
this is me header

and it goes like this…

For the first several years of my life I was an army brat (more army daughter, less brat depending on who you ask). I started out in Germany, went through Maryland, California, Alabama and by 5 years old we settled down in Georgia. Around this time my dad retired and I had a place I could finally call home.


this is me-1

Me and my little sister in our front yard^^

We relocated when I was 10 to Cumming, Ga and that is where my parents and younger sister still live.

I have been a Girl Scout since I was in the womb, loved theater since age uh…3 or something and I started dancing when I was 13.

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