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I am a self proclaimed list maker. I make lists about EVERYTHING! Lately, my packing lists have been a little ridiculous. Last time I went to visit my parents my packing list was so detailed, I didn’t just list ‘5 shirts’ I listed the specific shirts, the specific jewelry and make-up, everything in my suitcase was on my list. Then I photocopied it and brought it with me so that on my way back home I made sure not to forget anything.

Yeah I know, it was a tad obsessive. But I really appreciated getting on the plane and knowing that I hadn’t forgotten anything going or coming.

For our trip to Maryland, I made my packing list a little cuter. Nothing motivates me to make a list more than a good pen and eye catching stationery.

Lucky for you, I want to share my disease of obsessive packing and list making so help yourself to these packing list printables!

I love having something I can print out every time I need to pack because it’s a good prompt of what to pack so I don’t forget anything. Plus, these are great because there are two check off boxes: one for the trip there and one for the trip back.

Packing list Front Page final

Packing list back final

How to use:

I’d recommend printing these back to back and printing one out for each person going on the trip.

This packing list is set up for a trip lasting 7 days, there is room for seven different outfits. It’s designed for you to list an entire outfit in each section, i.e. “Grey T, Black skinnies, ankle socks.” In the other section, you can list any other clothes you may need like underwear, workout clothes, pajamas, formal wear, bathing suits, etc.

Once you’re finished listing outfits, you can head down to shoes and jewelry and make sure you have all your favorite pieces that go together, instead of having to lay each outfit out on the bed first.

Your toiletries are your soaps, toothbrush, hair products, etc. In make-up you can list specific make-up items (i.e. Naked 2 palette, Perversion mascara, etc.) or more general items (i.e. eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, powder, etc.)

On the second page:

Your carry-on is your bag that has stuff to keep you entertained on the plain, train, car, ship, etc. Your books, magazines, notebooks, candy, laptop, tablet…you get the idea. If you have kids, this is where you would list your magic toys that will keep them from crying the whole trip (Benadryl anyone??).

Your gear is anything trip specific you may need. If you’re going to the beach you won’t want to forget towels, floaties, sand toys, or beach chairs. If you’re camping you’ll need sleeping bags, a tent or two, maybe a camp stove…see where I’m going with this? This is the section I use to list baby supplies like spoons, bibs, cups, blankets, burp cloths and anything else to keep the little one comfortable.

Grab last minute refers to those items that you won’t pack until you’re running out of the house. If you leave first thing in the morning that will probably include your phone and charger, some of your toiletries or make-up, and anything else you don’t want to forget to grab.

In your travel notes you can list what time to leave the house, when your flight number, or any other reminders you might need.

When you’re all packed up, toss in your packing list so that on your way home you can double check that you didn’t forget anything at your destination.


Obviously not everyone in your family will need every section on this list. Your husband won’t need the make-up section (most likely). Your kids probably won’t have to worry about packing the gear. But at least you have a starting place and you can customize those sections to anything you need them to be for other people.

If you’re not the kind of person to plan out every item before you pack it, just right it down as you pack it. Believe me, it’s super helpful to have a list of what’s in your suitcase. There’s nothing worse than getting home from a trip and your child asking where her favorite [insert favorite toy here] is, and then having to wait three days for it to be mailed back to you.

Let me know if you have any questions and leave me some comment love!

Did I miss any packing categories that you like to use? What would be on your customized packing list?