Oahu Shoreline Drive


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The Oahu shoreline drive is like nothing else in the world. There are some places where the waves actually splash up on the road. You get to watch as the landscape turns from desert to rainforest or vice versa depending on where you start. If at all possible, I would recommend doing the drive on motorcycle. There is nothing like having the wind in your hair and feeling the ocean spray on your skin. But then again, I am partial to motorcycles.

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What you need to know:

There are plenty of good restaurants and shops to stop at along the drive to stretch your legs not to mention all the beaches you’ll pass along the way. I’d suggest wearing your bathing suit under your clothes and just pulling over when the mood strikes you. I highly recommend stopping at Donkey Balls Chocolate. Don’t let the name get you, the chocolate is incredible.

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So to get a little taste of what the drive is like check out this video that I made one of the last times we took the drive. Sorry it’s so small…I recorded it on my phone.

Verdict: Why not?!

If you’re going to go around the island anyway, why not make a sight-seeing trip out of it. A little mini road trip if you will.

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