Nursery for multiple children

nursery collage

We finally finished Evelyn’s room and I have to say, I am loving that this room is functional now. It makes the house seem so much bigger. The room is a bit eclectic in terms of color scheme. But it works for her temporary nursery until we finish upstairs. Then I’ll decorate it in a put together, planned sort of fashion, but for now this works.

It’s a small room but it’s a perfect setup for anyone who needs a nursery for children of multiple ages. For now it will work as a guest room with a craft closet.

Take a look at the before and afters:

nursery 001

nursery 002


^^here the carpet has been replaced but we haven’t finished the walls yet

nursery 009


^^The bunk beds are great for guests or would work for older children who need to share a room


nursery 005


nursery 011

nursery 004


^^The pictures are a timeline of Evelyn’s life from conception to birth. I included the pregnancy test, an ultra sound photo, our gender reveal, maternity and birth photos, and her newborn photos.

nursery 007


^^Photos of her grandmothers who she is named after

nursery 008

nursery 010


All the furniture in this room is hand-me-down: either given to us or purchased second hand. I didn’t have a chance to repaint the dresser but thankfully the colors still work for this room.

nursery 003


^^The buckets were decorations at my baby shower but they work perfectly for holding hair bows.

nursery 006