Newsroom Internship Week 1

first week 001

I love my internship. I really do. I just finished week one and I wish I was doing that full-time instead of working at the bay. Too bad I’m not getting paid, or that might be an option haha. On my first day, I basically just got to know the station, met a bunch of people, and learned how to write a web story. I was pretty low-key. I came home with my parking pass, an official story notebook, and a smile on my face.

first week 006

Since the first day was so low-key, I didn’t hesitate to wear a pair of unbelievably adorable shoes on day two, despite how uncomfortable they were.

I firmly believe that the best form of confidence is a good outfit. How can you feel confident if you don’t like how you look??

first week 003
first week 004

Of course this would be the day that Ms. S. sent me out on a story. I was a little nervous going into it. I mean here I am, my second day on the internship and she already wants me to go interview people and write a story for it. Um woah. Fortunately for me it wasn’t like my BYU class and I wasn’t going out with a camera by myself.

The photographer that came with me was awesome. His name is George.

first week 005

He was just so nice and gave me a run-through of the shots he planned to get and made me feel really comfortable and not nervous or stressed about the whole thing. We chatted the whole way to where we were shooting and I really liked getting to know him.

first week 008

So what was the story you ask? A ‘green’ library grand opening on a college campus. When Ms. S. sent me out, she told me to take a few pictures with my iphone for the web story and in case the web guy wants to do a slideshow. So I took about a thousand pictures. Seriously. I didn’t know what would be good and I wanted to get everything. Too bad the web guy only wanted two. Bummer. So I’ll share them with you instead.

first week 009

Instead of ribbon cutting, they do lei untying. This is a traditional Hawaiian lei.

This guy blessed the library. He blessed the original library and did the lei untying. He walked around afterward and sprinkled holy water everywhere.

I had to get some interviews and it was like all of a sudden I was Barbara Walters and could think up really good questions and whatnot. George even said I did a good job and he was impressed.

By the end of this adventure, my feet were killing me, but I still looked good. I ended up staying an hour later to get everything finished. It was hectic but in the end I had a great day. Corporate was even in town and everyone got free pizza! Even me!


The next day I couldn’t stay for long so I didn’t have time to go out on a story but that didn’t keep me from writing the VO/SOT and web story of a new McDonald’s pedestrian safety program. Here’s the link to my web story.

On Friday I did the morning show which was fun, but I didn’t have a lot to do. It was kind of  a hectic day for the producers so they didn’t have time to give me jobs to do or show me around.

first week 007

I love the ruffles on this blazer. Consequently I bought it at the same time I got those terribly uncomfortable shoes.

I did happen to see a TV star and I didn’t even know it: Mariska Hargitay. Apparently she’s on Law and Order SVU which according to Chris is an old people show.

Anyway, I am really loving being an intern and I’m trying to take advantage of every little moment and not wish it away. I’m also trying to ignore the fact that I need to pay tuition.