And so it begins… morning sickness

So there I was in my early morning exercise class and it hit me like a wave. Thankfully it wasn’t too strong  and I was able to make it through the strenuous class. And after a scrambled egg and toast breakfast I pretty much felt better.

I put Evelyn down for a nap and set to work researching local midwives trying to ignore the growing stomach cramps. Almost immediately after Evelyn woke up the stomach cramps were debilitating.

I beckoned Chris to come home because I was no longer capable of taking care of myself, let alone Evelyn and tried to sleep.

I was certain that I had food poisoning but a quick Google search revealed that in some cases early pregnancy symptoms can portray themselves much like food poisoning or the stomach flu. Though rare, it happens. Lucky me.

Not long after that came the real morning sickness. Now, I can’t remember when my morning sickness started with Evelyn but I know it wasn’t this bad. I didn’t throw up so much, I was just horribly nauseous. Today I wasn’t able to keep down anything. Not even water.

The good news is that after I’d get sick I felt a tad better. Better enough to try eating. The problem is that once I’d eat I’d feel sick again and then bye bye food.

I don’t know what I will do if this lasts more than today. I haven’t been able to get out of bed or get comfortable or do anything. Not to mention the terrible stomach cramping and other love symptom that goes along with that (you know what food poisoning is, I don’t have to say it).

So wish me luck, and good health. And a healthy baby! Cause I’m gonna have one. A baby! This is so crazy! I don’t know why it’s crazy, I already had one you’d think this would be no big deal but it feels as crazy and exciting as the first time. I guess you only have one second baby.