Morning and Night: Poetry

I don’t write poetry very often but sometimes something random will inspire me and I just can’t help myself. When I wrote these, it just happened to be an early morning storm and a starry night. They seemed to compliment each other nicely.


dance of the trees header


I woke up this morning to watch the trees dance

Each one moving to the bass in the sky.

I watched as they shook their leaves in excitement;

Some drooped their branches and appeared to cry.


With arms outstretched they swayed back and forth,

They reached out to the tree by their side

And in perfect time the trees switched direction

Each leaf along for the ride.

They filled up the sky with they’re glowing shades of green,

Yet their roots remained stationed below

Each danced to the song blowing through their leaves

And moved where the wind let them go.

Soon the birds joined in, their arrows in the sky

The trees swirled around them just right.

The clouds hung low to watch every move,

The performance was done in low light.

I close my eyes and feel their movements in the wind

I’m jealous; I can’t help it.

They have the whole sky, to dance as they wish

And yet here on my bed, I sit.

As I get up to leave, they all wave goodbye

They thank me for watching their show.

But it’s not nearly over, it will go on all day

Just as long as the wind will blow.

I woke up this morning to watch the trees dance

As it is quite the norm

It comes with the thunder, the wind, and the rain.

Oh how I love a good thunderstorm.

star header

Millions and millions litter the sky

The light shines down overwhelming.

I can’t help but stare as one flies by

and A Wish is released to them all.

Can I please keep you little star, just tonight

So full of life and exciting.

I need you small star to bring in the light.

The lost are confused down below.

We’ll dance and we’ll sing little star, only us

Without the to-dos of our life

And we won’t let morning come in without fuss

For tonight you and I are alive.

We’ll make mischief and cookies and raspberry pie

Our obligations will be strictly to sweets.

We can be loud and facetious and do whatever we try

For tonight you and I are alive.

So what do you say my little star, small and sweet,

Can I keep you please just for tonight?

For what morning brings is a terrible feat

But tonight you and I are alive.