Meal planning made easy

Meal Planning made easy

Getting married was totes awesome and exciting as a young nineteen year old. It was full of new adventures but with that came a whole crap ton of new adult like responsibilities. By far the worst of these that I was burdened with as a wife was meal planning and grocery shopping.

I have spent countless hours over the past 5 years trying to make this process as easy and painless as possible. I tried talking my grocery list into my phone so I didn’t have to write it down. I tried copying and pasting recipes into a word doc to print out ingredients. I’ve tried complication spreadsheets of recipes and food groups and ingredients. In the end everything I tried was miserable and torturous and left us eating random cans of food in the pantry in an effort to avoid the process altogether.

That was until I found this app that TOTALLY changed my life. My. Whole. Life. Go to the app store right this instant and get MealBoard and your life will be changed too.

mealboard 001

So here’s why it’s so fabulous

Upload Recipes

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The app has a handful of recipe sites that it partners with and you can go to those sites and choose any recipe you want and hit the import button and BOOM it appears in your little recipe section of your app. Why is this necessary? Because from your list of recipes you can drag them into the calendar so you know what days you want to eat what. It even gives you the option to say what’s for breakfast lunch or dinner (if you’re one of those crazy people who plans ALL THE MEALS).


But Jocelyn, I don’t like recipes from any of the websites that partner with this app. I want my own recipes on there..this will never work..wahhh.

Stop your whining! The app gives you a little code to let you login online and sync it to your computer. Then it’s as simple as copying and pasting recipes from other websites or manually inputting some from your favorite cookbook. Yes this part may be a bit time consuming but you only have to do it once and then you’re done for like ever.

Speaking of time consuming but only doing it once, this app has another feature that seems really cool but I have yet to use. You can take an afternoon (or month depending on how much you have in your pantry) and use the pantry tab to input all the food already in your house. That way when you’re shopping you don’t keep buying more of the same thing. 16 boxes of lasagna noodles anyone? No? Ok.

Grocery Shopping List

But wait, it gets even better! Then you click on the little ‘shopping’ tab and you can sync your calendar of recipes to your shopping list. If you planned for the whole month, you can choose which days should sync to your list so you don’t have to shop for the whole month if you don’t want to. But that’s not even the best part.

The only thing I hate more than meal planning is grocery shopping. I’m always carrying around this massive list and end up leaving an aisle before I got everything I needed and having to go back and forth across the store like 50 times and it takes forever and then you add two babies into that and it’s a nightmare.

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Then this app syncs the ingredients to your recipes in the grocery list, it also organizes the food by category!!! WHAHHH?!?!? I’m totally forreal right now. So there you are in the produce section of the store and you just scroll down to the produce part of your list and get everything there and walk over to the deli knowing that you didn’t forget ANYTHING!

Then you can check it off bing bang boom. The grocery shopping feature is nicer than other lists I’ve used because it doesn’t delete a checked item right after you check it off. I’ve had problems of accidentally bumping into the check mark and losing an item before I realize that I still need to get it. On this app you click the trashcan button at the bottom and have the option of deleting all items or just deleting checked items. Or if you like to see a job well done you can just leave them there and be happy with all that’s in your cart.


If there are certain things you like to buy at different stores you can have shopping lists for each store you like to go to.

If you have items that you need to add to your list that aren’t in one of your recipes, no sweat man. You can add the item, input what aisle it’s in, the quantity you need, etc. But to make things go faster a lot of normal items are already inputed. Say you wanted to add bananas to your list. The app knows that bananas are in the produce section and it even predicts that you were typing bananas after only the b-a-n and just like that it’s added to your list.

No more fumbling with a piece of paper and pen. No more forgetting to get something in a certain aisle. It’s a beautiful thing my friend.

The only thing I’ve found that can be a little tricky is that sometimes the app gets confused and will put something in the wrong section of your list. Like one time 28 oz of tomatoes ended up in the produce section of my list instead of the canned section and I got a tad confused. Like how do you buy 28 oz of fresh tomatoes? But I digress.

Meal Plan On-the-go


The reason Meal Board works so perfectly for my situation is because it has eliminated the 3o minutes to an hour that I would have to sit down and plan our meals for the week or month and make a grocery list. In fact, I hardly plan at all anymore.

mealboard 003

Often times I’ll update my grocery list as we run out of something because my phone is pretty much always on my person. Then when I’m out doing things with the chillins and think to myself, “Hey self, you should run to the store and grab something for dinner tonight. But what will you cook?” I don’t have to resort to something boring like spaghetti. I just choose a recipe, sync it to my grocery list and before I know it I’m loading my bags into the trunk of my car while my son sleeps in his carseat and my daughter noshes on some M&Ms because the trip was short that she stayed happy the whole time and earned herself a treat.

Now yes, the app does cost a little bit of money, $4.00 to be exact, but if you’re wondering if that’s worth it than you obviously didn’t read the above post thoroughly enough. Go back and don’t skim this time…I’ll wait.

So what are you waiting for. Go get it and plan how you’re going to spend your extra 30min to an hour that you save every week. I think I’ll use that free time locked in a dark closet with headphones in listening to anything other than crying children. I can’t wait!

**I was not paid to write this, or asked to write this, heck, I paid to get the app myself. That’s how amaze balls it is.**