Maternity Photo Shoot

Let’s be honest, as a pregnant woman who is constantly getting bigger it’s a little difficult to feel pretty. The best part about a maternity photo shoot is that you can document your growing belly and get to feel beautiful at the same time.

I don’t think I would have considered doing an official maternity photo shoot, except my good friend, Malae Talley, offered to do it and I figured, “Why not?” Now that it’s all said and done I’d recommend every pregnant woman do a maternity photo shoot. It’s a great opportunity to get pampered and feel beautiful and it’s all about you. Cause when that baby comes out, you won’t matter anymore, it will be all about the baby.

maternity 009

I stressed out about what to wear (as would any normal person with a photo shoot of any kind) and I decided to go for a simple boho kind of look and even decided bare my belly (Something that some random people on Facebook were very rude about).

Take a look, and tell me what you think.

maternity 001

maternity 002

maternity 003

maternity 004

maternity 005

maternity 006

maternity 007

maternity 008


^^At the end of the shoot Malae said to do whatever I want… this is what happened.