Makapu’u Lighthouse

lighthouse 001

We finally hiked the Makapu’u Lighthouse trail I can’t believe it took us so long to try it since it’s like a 10 minute drive from our house. The hike really isn’t difficult and the view is absolutely incredible!

What you need to know:

lighthouse 002

lighthouse 003

There is no charge to get in, which is probably one of the reasons we chose to do it. We were bored and it was free. I was all dressed and ready for a hike, but Chris was in slippers (flip flops) and he did fine. We also passed a girl wearing a dress.

The whole hike to the makapu’u lighthouse is paved and is about 2 miles round trip. Parts of the road have pot holes and cracks. It’s basically like walking up a steep-ish hill with an incredible view. You could still push a good stroller up it.

lighthouse 004

Supposedly you can see whales from up here in the winter, and we were on the lookout, but we didn’t see any.

Off the main path there are different trails you can take. You can walk on a trail near the lighthouse but it doesn’t go all the way up.

lighthouse 005

We just went to the top of the trail where there is a lookout and got a great view of the lighthouse and the beach below.

lighthouse 006

A little ways up from the main path at the top are some old military bunkers or something. There’s not really a path up there but it looks like other people have gone up that way and we just followed their path.

Verdict: Why not?!

If you’re out that way and have some time to kill, do it. Especially if you want the chance to see some whales. But keep in mind there are prettier, junglier hikes on Oahu.