Losing the baby weight again

For most people dieting and losing weight is a daunting task. Usually that’s the case for me too but this time around I’m actually looking forward to losing my baby weight.

Sounds crazy right?!

weightloss again 002

When I went to lose weight the first time after having Evelyn I was stressed and worried and self conscious like nobody’s business. This time, I even gained more weight than I did with Evelyn. Technically I’m at the same number as I was with her but I had a lower starting weight. You would think that I would feel frustrated at being right back where I started but I’m not. Quite the opposite actually.

I remember how empowering it felt to watch the number on the scale go down every week. I remember looking at my before and after pictures and seeing how drastically my body had changed. I remember how good it felt to go shopping and buy clothes in a size smaller than I had ever bought before.

weightloss again 003

^^The second pic is me trying on clothes that I’d have never thought looked good on me before.

I loved seeing how defined the muscles in my arms and legs became. I love the adrenaline of working out and the way I feel when I’m eating right. I am so excited to get back to that place.

weightloss again 006

But I’m not just excited to be that size again, I’m excited about the process of getting there. I’m looking forward to pushing my muscles to their breaking point. I want that feeling of soreness that says, “You changed your body today.” I need to feel that power that comes from intense cardio. I think this time around I can do even better, do it faster, and get even stronger.

I cannot wait to see what my body can do!

weightloss again 004

Last week I started exercising again for the first time in like 2 months or so. I did a moderately good job of keeping up with fitness during my pregnancy but that last trimester kicked my butt. That first day last week that I went for a run, I felt like I was flying. Like a ten pound baby weight had been lifted off my abdomen and suddenly I could move my body again, the way I wanted to.

Don’t get me wrong. It was a hard run and I didn’t go very far. Before I even made it past the first block I was panting and my chest was burning. By the second block I had to walk for a bit. But it didn’t stop me. I pushed myself to go a little further than I had originally planned and at the end I made myself keep running until I got back home, even though I was ready to stop. But I did it. And for day 1, that’s all that matters.

weightloss again 001

Weight Watchers helped me achieve such success last time, that of course I’m using it again! This time around I was able to hit the ground running. Since I’d done it once, I knew what foods I needed to be eating and was able to stock the fridge a few days before I was set to start. When I did it the first time, I had no idea how to be successful or what to eat and it took me a week or so to really hit my stride. Now I can start losing right away and hopefully reach my goal weight even faster.

weightloss again 005

And since working towards something specific is the best type of motivation, I’m planning on running a half marathon sometime in the near future.

Time to get to work. Here goes nothing!