Letter Writing Challenge

Letter writing challenge

I LOVE getting mail!

Let me rephrase that: I LOVE getting mail that isn’t automated bills or junk or ads, etc.

There is just something so exciting about pulling an envelope out of the mailbox and seeing your name hand-written on the front.

The art of letter writing is lost these days. Most people only get actual snail mail in the form of invitations to some party or event. But I guess a lot of that can online now too. I miss the quaint-ness of sitting down with a pen and some adorable stationary to write an actual message to someone as opposed to typing it out and having it instantly appear in the other person’s inbox the moment you hit send.

Something is lost in interweb communication when you don’t have to try and decipher someone’s handwriting or when you’re not actually holding the paper that they held when they wrote it. I miss the personal correspondence of catching up with someone that is more than just stalking their facebook or sending a few brief texts.

I can still remember going to summer camp and getting people’s actual addresses to keep in touch, and then mailing them letters. I miss when that was the norm.

letters 001

^^I just love stationery

Does anyone else feel the same or is this just me?

I have a challenge for you, whether you’re like-minded or you think letter writing is lame sauce.

Summer 2015 Letter Writing Challenge

Find an old friend who you have a hard time connecting with who doesn’t live in the same state as you. This could be an old high school or college friend, a relative whose company you really enjoy, even someone from when you were a kid. Now, write them a letter. That’s it. That’s the whole challenge.

Ask them how they’re doing, tell them about your life, maybe even send a few actual photographs (What?!) and bonus points if you find some super cute stationary and use some fancy lettering when you address it (see letter writing tips below).

If you get lucky, they may even write you back. Try to write back and forth at least three times this summer. Enjoy your trip back in time to the simpler days of letter writing.

Hopefully you can complete this challenge without the use of social media, but I understand if you have to connect with someone online to get their mailing address, you can have a free pass on that one.

Let me know if you’re going to participate in my little challenge by commenting below. Or tag #doitreaditseeit on instagram and twitter. I’ll remind you and check back in with you at the end of the summer. Feel free to blog about your letter writing experience and let me know how you liked it…cause I know you’ll like it.

I’m gonna be honest with you. It’s pretty easy to let busy lives get in the way of a great pen pal relationship. I’ve tried to keep up a letter writing correspondence with a few different friends and it only lasts a few months, tops. Sometimes life is just hectic and you might have time to sit down and read a letter from your friend but then the letter just sits on your mail table (or whatever you use to put your mail in…sometimes it’s the floor by the front door. No judgement.) and you don’t write back for like…ever.

But don’t let that get you down! Just do your best and enjoy the love of letter writing.

Now, in the event that you need a little help getting started, here are a few letter writing tips to make the most of your experience.

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Tips for writing letters

001 Stock up on necessary materials

I’m talking stamps, stationery, pens, whiteout (there’s no backspace). If you’re anything like me (which you probably are because you’re reading my blog which is basically like doing a cannonball into my brain) the cuter the stationery and pens, the more excited you will be to start letter writing. I have an entire drawer full of different cards, envelopes and stickers that get me excited to write someone. Tag #doitreaditseeit on instagram or twitter so I can check out your cute stationery.

Plus there is nothing worse than having a letter ready to mail and not having any stamps. That letter will just sit there. Forever.

letters 004

002 Go all in with your grammar

Start it with Dear end it with Love or Sincerely. Spell things correctly, use appropriate punctuation–this is not a text or an email.

003  Try out some fun lettering on the envelopes

Seriously just check out pinterest for ideas on this one. It’s not a must but it’s just fun. Make sure to practice first, you don’t want to ruin a bunch of envelopes on mess ups. I guess you could also start off in pencil and trace over it in pen. Whatevs.

004 Don’t stress on the content.

Here’s a few suggestions if you’re having a hard time coming up with what to write to this old friend:

  • Ask detailed questions about them, not just “What’s new?” Show some interest in the specifics of their life and give them something to answer in their reply.
  • Share some deets on your life and make it a specific and interesting read. Remember they can’t ask follow-ups immediately so be detailed enough that they’re not wondering what’s going on until your next correspondence.
  • Tell them why you’re writing. Mention how important they are to you and maybe reminisce about some special moments you guys have shared.


letters 003

Now get some stationery and get writing! And don’t forget to tag #doitreaditseeit when you get your super cute stationery and comment below so I can hold you accountable! Yay for taking a step back to the simple life!