Laie Point

laie 001

If you’re looking for an incredible view, a great place to scuba dive (and get eaten by a shark), or fish (judging by all the fishermen) Laie Point on Oahu is the place. It really is beautiful here.

Look at a map of Oahu, find Laie, find what looks like a point…bingo, you’re there.

I really couldn’t take enough pictures, it was so pretty there! Just look at the color of that water.

laie 002

What you need to know:

It’s totes free. You can drive right up to it and just walk around. It’s a gorgeous view and great place to get some pictures.

laie 003

See where those people are standing on that huge rock? I’m told people love to jump from there into the water. (woah.) The hard part I guess is getting back up the rock. There is a little area where you can climb up, but the waves are crashing pretty crazily so you should probably know what you’re doing.

laie 004

See that little step^^? That’s where the jump from. I wouldn’t even go over and stand on it so obviously you won’t catch me jumping. There are no lifeguards JUMP AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Personally, I’d rather walk around and enjoy the view.

Verdict: Why not?!

If you’re going to be up that way, why not check it out. But I’d think twice before jumping in the water.