Belated Hawaii Honeymoon in Ko’Olina

honeymoon 001

Chris and I never went on a real honeymoon. After we got married (almost 3 years ago!) I had to take a couple finals and then we drove directly from Utah out to Florida for my internship at DisneyWorld. In our entire marriage we have stayed in a hotel 3 times. Once on our wedding night, once for a brief stop in Tennessee on our way to Florida, and once in Savannah, Ga on a trip with my family. Never has it been a real vacation just the two of us.

Up until this point, we never really had the time or money to have an awesome honeymoon. But now we’re living in Hawaii and were presented with the perfect opportunity for a tropical paradise honeymoon for a fraction of what it cost other people.

So we headed about an hour West and stayed in the beautiful Marriott Vacation Club in Ko’olina

Along the beach are four man-made lagoons each one serves as the backyard to four resorts, one of which is Disney’s Aulani Resort. Our resort had three pools, and four hot tubs that kept us good, busy and relaxed.

So let me take you through our trip day by day.

Day one.

We checked into our hotel on Sunday evening and when I opened the door to our room, you would have thought I was a child who had never been in a hotel before. I tried out each chair and couch, opened all the cupboards and drawers. Rolled around on the bed a little. Flipped through the television channels. And then carefully unpacked all my clothes and organized them neatly in the dresser.

We took a quick tour of all the pools and hot tubs and gorgeous backyard beach, took some pictures and then went back up to the room to get ready for our dinner reservation at Roy’s Steakhouse.

honeymoon 002

It was a little hard to find, on the property of a golf resort down and across the street. We were seated outside and enjoyed live music, delicious steak (go figure) and shared a fabulous chocolatey dessert.

Day two.

honeymoon 003

^^View from our balcony

We started the morning out on our balcony overlooking the pools and eating a delicious Poptart breakfast. Then we changed into swimsuits and headed down the pathway connecting all four lagoons and resorts to rent a paddle board.

honeymoon 004

honeymoon 005

We opted to save a few bucks and just rent one board and share. We each took turns but that was just too quiet so then we went out together. The water was crystal blue and beautiful and the lagoon was still enough that we weren’t fighting waves.

honeymoon 006

It was a blast but unfortunately we had only rented the board for an hour. After our hour was up we were famished. We walked back, hand in hand, to our resort for a grilled hot dog picnic. We loved that our resort had this option for grilling. All we had to bring was the food.

honeymoon 007

honeymoon 008

We spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the sun and the water and each other’s company. When we got tired of sun we went back up to the room for a quick break and ended up watching hours of Love It or List It on HGTV.

It had been so long since we had a TV to relax in front of and it was so beautifully glorious to just cuddle on the couch and chill. Obviously if we were going to keep that up, we’d need some ice cream. The resort store was wildly overpriced so we ventured out into Ko’Olina to see if we could find a Walmart.

Siri attempted to give us directions but led us to the middle of nowhere (I maintain that she wanted to kill us). After driving around a little we happened upon a Target. We perused through some baby clothes, Me making unintelligible squeaky noises and Chris sighing, then we found ice cream and a movie and were on our way.

Day three.

Our last day was my much anticipated Disney Day!!! We started the morning with the character breakfast at Disney’s Aulani Resort where we met Mickey, Minnie and Goofy! I’m a bit of a Disney fanatic. Chris was kind enough to indulge my child side.

honeymoon 009

We got our picture with Mickey before we were led to our seat and then the other characters made their way around to the tables while we enjoyed a buffet breakfast. The food was your typical breakfast food but I wasn’t super impressed. It was unfortunate considering what we paid but we were there for the atmosphere really.

I definitely want to go back when we have kids. There were fun songs and children (plus two overly excited Asian girls dressed as Minnie) marching around the tables banging drums. It was cute.

honeymoon 010

After breakfast we checked out of our room, packed up the car, and got Chris set up in the lobby by our room with his laptop and a computer game and I headed back to Aulani for my prenatal massage! We had thought about doing a couple’s massage or something but in the end it was just too much money and Chris just didn’t care enough. He was happy to sit and play his game for a few hours.

I don’t think I could pick a favorite part of our honeymoon but this was definitely WAY up there! As soon as I walked in I was greeted with some ice cold water with floating orange slices and I got to choose a wishing stone printed with a word to be my mantra for the day. My word was harmony. Then I got to make a wish and toss my stone into the fountain.

Then I had about an hour to enjoy the spa area. The best part was a set of outdoor showers that were designed to feel like different types of rain. They were the perfect warm temperature and all I had to do was stand under it and it starts showering it’s goodness down on me.

My massage was perfect and felt so great (and the massage therapist thought I was 16 and couldn’t believe I was pregnant…as if 16 year olds can’t get pregnant).

Our Hawaii honeymoon was so fantastic and I was pretty sad when we got home. (I might have cried but that was probably just the pregnancy hormones). I loved spending time with my incredible husband and getting some perfect us time before our little baby is born. My husband is so wonderful and I wish everyday was a vacation with him. I’m just glad that I have everyday hereafter to spend with him.