Internship Update and OOTD

update 011

I am seriously loving my internship! Like seriously. I love being a part of something real and professional. I love that I’m starting to get to know people in the newsroom and they are treating me kindly and not like a little piece of gum on the bottom of their shoe (The way I imagined an intern would be treated). I love getting to go out on stories and get interviews and write stories and bother people with my incessant questions. But enough talk. How about some pictures?!

I love that I get an excuse to look cute everyday. I get up like two hours before I leave the house so I can take my time getting cute. Does it show?

update 007

update 008

update 009

update 012

update 013

update 014

I went out on a story about child passenger safety week and found out that more children are hit by being run over than in car accidents.

update 004

I went to a college health fair and was a little shocked to find a table full of free condoms. Wouldn’t find something like that at BYU.

update 005

I talked to a man who came face to face with a 13 foot tiger shark.

update 003


update 002

^^I love getting to go out to these gorgeous locations during work.

Some Cirque De Soleil performers came on the morning show. This guy is jumping his own rope and double dutch at the same time.

update 006

Some almost naked hula girls promoting their new show. I am amazed at how fast they can move their hips

update 001

Well I hope you’re enjoying looking through my internship as much as I’m enjoying doing it.