The Honolulu Zoo


Don’t get me wrong, the Honolulu Zoo was fun.

HOWEVER, if I had saved up my pennies to go to Hawaii I would not waste those pennies at the Honolulu Zoo. It was a great activity for living here and needing something to do on a day off. But it wasn’t free and it was just a zoo. Nothing especially Hawaiian about it.

Actually there were these really cool trees that looked like they were painted.


But I’m sure there are other places in Hawaii where these trees grow.

What you need to know:

The zoo is right near Waikiki and you have to pay for parking by the hour. I suppose if your hotel was close enough you could walk.

Admission costs $6 for kids (3-12) and $14 for adults. $4 and $8 for military or kama’aina* with ID.

It’s all walking, so wear comfortable shoes and dress for the weather.

There are places to buy food but you can also bring snacks with you and save a buck or two.

*Kama’aina is the discount for being a Hawaii resident and requires a state ID.

Verdict: Skip It!

If this is your one and only trip to Hawaii and you want to make the most of your life savings…just go to the beach across the street and boogie board. More fun and it’s free!