Home Update: Living above ground

Guys. GUYS! I am not a sole basement dweller anymore! It’s true, I have moved to the land of the living, above ground!! Can you even believe it?! It sort of feels like it happened all at once but then I remember that we started this process of applying for permits over a year ago.

When Chris’ dad came into town, crap got done. When he got here there was a big whole pile of nothing upstairs. By the time he left, the floors were tiled, the cabinets and most of lighting was installed, the closet shelving was installed, the painting was started, the doors and trim were in and the railings for the stairs were in. It was magical to watch.

While they were doing all that I found and scheduled our carpet and countertops so when he left we mainly just had finish painting before the carpet came in (not a necessity but makes it easier to not drip on new carpets.)

We were so eager to move upstairs that we didn’t even mind that things weren’t finished. My necessity was a toilet for those midnight bathroom runs. Since moving up Chris has gotten all our appliances working and even the kitchen sink. We still don’t have working sinks in the bathrooms and we have to go downstairs to shower but we’re getting it all done a little at a time. Hopefully it will be 98% done by the time baby boy decides to show up to the party.

Well I know most of you are looking at the pictures anyways so, I’ll just stop typing now.

First some work in progress pics:

update 001

^^When Chris’ dad was here I was trying to be helpful so during one of Evelyn’s naps I took a massive shopping list to Home Depot and was absolutely exhausted by the end.

update 002

^^The nursery sans carpet

update 003

^^The kitchen sans appliances

update 004

^^Living room pre-carpet. I’m seriously so happy with how all my paint colors turned out!

update 005

^^Entry way and stairs

Our house in its current state:

update 006

^^Living room. We got a new (to us) couch off KSL (classifieds) for some temporary seating upstairs. When we save up and can get the furniture we really want this will go into the basement.

update 007

^^Looking from the front door into the kitchen. Still a bit cluttered trying to put everything away.

update 008


My beautiful clean, white, bright kitchen. Yes those are toothbrushes by the sink, I told you this is our only usable sink up here.

update 009

^^Guest bath still needs the sink put in and shower tiled.

update 010

The nursery/Evelyn’s room in its temporary configuration.

update 011

^^Looking from the guest bath into the living room

update 012

^^The master. Basically just has our bed in it. More moving to do before I have time to decorate.

update 013

^^Still waiting on sinks and a shower in the master bath. But there is a toilet!

update 014


^^Master closet is through the bathroom. All those empty shelves are for my shoes that I haven’t put in yet.

Something magical happened when I started spending my time upstairs. I became instantly happier just sitting in the living room with all the natural light and being able to see out the windows without having to climb on anything. Plus it smells nicer up here. I seriously hate having to go downstairs for anything. It totally smells down there…we must have just grown accustomed to it.

This will probably be the last full house update I do. Next it will just be room by room as I get them set up and decorated to my liking. It’s gonna be good!

  • Hannah Grimmett

    Wow!! Congratulations! And I reay love the colors you chose:)) I’m so glad you’ve felt happier since moving upstairs. I know that definitely makes a difference for me when I’m not cooped up in a dank and dismal basement!