Home Remodel Stage one: De-Uglify

reasons 001

I’ve never really lived my life by the book. In other words, nothing in my life is ever done normally as evidenced by our new house. You know, the basement.

In case your curious here’s the rough plan of our remodel.

Stages of Home Remodel

Stage 1: De-Uglify- Make the current basement situation livable. You’ll read more about this in this post.

Stage 2: Expansion- Where little basement house becomes a real house with a top floor and everything. Expected completion Summer 2014.

Stage 3: Beautify- Make our brand new house beautiful with new decor and furniture.

Stage 4: Flourish- Do some gorgeous landscaping.

Stage 5: Gut the Butt- Gut and completely re-do the basement with dry wall and other things that real houses have.

Here’s stage one in action!

1 stage 001

1 stage 006

1 stage 009



1 stage 002

1 stage 007

1 stage 003

1 stage 004

1 stage 008