Hidden Beach Oahu, Hi

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Hidden Beach Oahu is a little known gem was quite the adventure. There used to be one road that went around the edge of the whole island. Then because of erosion and such that had to close part of the road, so you can get almost all the way around on both sides, but there’s a stretch in the middle that’s closed. If you access that stretch on the North Shore side of the island, and drive until the road turns into a dirt road, you will find hidden beach.

What you need to know:

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Many people park their cars where the road ends and hike all the way to the beach. But it’s not close. Thankfully we brought our Hummer and were able to drive all the way there. A trusty online guide advised us to drive to the 15th telephone pole and the beach will be on the right. Good luck counting. We weren’t able to keep track.

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When we finally made it to the beach, it was beautiful! But not as secluded as we had anticipated. Well just check it out for yourself.

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^^We found monk seals!

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^^We were trying to get a cool shot napping with them

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^^But I kept getting nervous and bolting

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^^Fun rocks to explore but they are crazy sharp!

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Verdict: Do it but..

Only if you have a vehicle that can take you all the way there. While the beach is pretty and the water is great and it was so cool that we were the only ones there, it would not be worth it if you had to walk. It just wouldn’t.

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